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Having Trouble Printing from home

Hey Ladies,

I have purchased ALL of our paper goods form Staples with the intension print Save the Dates, Invitations and RSVP Cards at home. However, it seems that my brand new HP printer doesn't recognize the A2 size. I down loaded the template from the back of the package but know I'm at a loss. Can anyone offer advice?

Thank You!

Re: Having Trouble Printing from home

  • Maybe someone else has a better answer re: HP printer, mine is a Cannon.

    I printed multiple sized items at home. I didn't use any pre-set "sizing", I just used custom on everything........I would measure each item I wanted to print on, then the margins I wanted, then set the print size based on the area to be printed on. I used Word, which I'm assuming you are using.

    Open Word:
    Go to "File", "Page Set Up"
    On the top, click on "Paper". Page all the way down to "custom"
    Then, fill in the width and height of your document. As you do this, you will see the little template in the lower right of the pop-up box change shape
    Then yo go to the "Margins" tab and click on that. Set the margins for the width of the area you want to left, right, top and bottom that are NOT printed on.
    You may have to change your  printer's feeder to the width of the item you are printing on

    Every time I did this for the first time on each item I was resizing for, I started with plain white paper without changing the feeder. I then held it up against the document/paper size I ultimately wanted to print on. This is a good way to figure it all out without wasting all your original paper items.

    When you do this beforehand, you can alter the font sizes to get it to fit your document. I had to play around a lot with that part, because sometimes I'd choose a font too large, then had to move margins or reduce the font size to get everything to fit.

    Once I did this once for each item (ie invitations, envelopes, menu, programs, RSVP cards), I saved the item and called it a "template" in my documents. That way I didn't have to resize everything again when I went to do something over.

    I used several different types of paper on my paper items for the wedding: vellum, cardstock, some pretty thick cardstock (almost like cardboard), resume styled paper, etc. While time consuming, I almost always hand fed each paper item to make certain it came out straight and had no smudges. Just allow yourself enough time.

    Hope this helps. Good luck.

  • I have an HP and I did exactly what the previous poster described. In the actual Word program I changed the page size and just printed from there. Sometimes like when I printed the envelopes I had to move some margins around to make them perfectly centered, but it is much easier than trying to download a template.
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