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UGH Sandy :(

Hi gals,

Just wanted to send a shoutout to all of you on the east coast, hope you are staying safe!!! My shore town in NJ is getting hit pretty hard, its so sad & scary watching more and more FB photos go up of the flooding :'(

Re: UGH Sandy :(

  •  I hope everyone is okay too. I've seen some of the footage and its horrible. Fires in Queens, flooding all over, and blizzards in West Virgina. I'm praying for everyone!
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  • Hey Ladies!  Just got my cable and internet back...thank goodness our electricity didn't go out!  My area wasn't hit as hard as other places in NYC thank goodness...I cannot believe the destruction :-(  I got to see a lot of it before we lost the TV.  Our office was closed today and yesterday but I have to try and make my way in tomorrow.  The only form of mass transit running are buses, no trains and the subways are down for who knows how long!  I am glad my family is safe and I hope everyone else came through it safely despite how hard she hit!
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  • Ya'll are in my thoughts and prayers girls. I know what ya'll are going through.
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  • I'm on the Jersey shore, had power have several days, then lost power again!

    It's been a nightmare of a week! My office was closed for seven business days!!  Then had to drive home in a snow storm last night and snow and ice this morning!! Ugh is right!!

    But I did have time to work on my DIY projects!!

    Hope eveyone is safe and warm!


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