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Early September Wedding Colors

My wedding is going to be on September 7th next year and I am having a hard time picking colors because it falls close to the beginning of fall but is still technically summer.  I started looking at various colors for bridesmaid dresses and was thinking either Peacock or Cognac from Davids Bridal with accents of burnt orange/chocolate brown (for the Peacock) or turquoise/chocolate brown (for the Cognac).  Would those colors compliment each other well, and are they appropriate for that particular time of year?


Re: Early September Wedding Colors

  • I'm planning on getting married around that time for 2014 as well and I'm thinking that because it is on the cusp you should do a light color and a dark color. I was thinking of doing a nice peach color with a dark purple. That way you have a contrast. So if you want to do a turquoise, I would lighten up your brown a little bit, more like a sand color. Cognac is a beautiful color, and I would say the same thing about that....make your accent color a bit lighter. I think the turquoise would be a nice compliment to Cognac.
  • I got married Labor Day Weekend two years ago and picked colors because I liked them, not because of the season.  I went with royal blue, silver, and white.  Do whatever colors you like!
  • I'm using a dark plum!
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  • I'm also having a early september wedding in 2014. I'm thinking about going with a clasic color scheme of baby blue and a rich dark brown.
  • personally i love the idea of peacock with a bronze or cognac for september or a peacock and a bronze/copper even or peacock with a royal purple or plum.   i'd say you have to pick the color from your heart though and be darned the season - there will always be a shade of your favorite color that will work.  jmho
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