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Hi all,

My future in-laws keep asking me where to look for rehearsal dinner options in the Lake George area, and I'm drawing a blank. Does anyone have any suggetions? I'm pretty open to all ideas.

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Re: Rehearsal Dinner

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    It depends on what type of food/atmosphere you're looking for but a place that comes to mind is The Log Jam. It's a very nice adirondack themed restaurant and they have fantastic food. A lot of people get steak there, it's super delicious.

    There really are a lot of options. How many people will be attending? What's your budget? These things will help us recommend places for you.
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    I was going to suggest the Log Jam too. Great Food!

    I don't know where you live, but a day trip up to Lake George may help, on Route 9 you will find a lot of choices. You could even do a little shopping while searching :)
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    Thanks, ladies - keep 'em coming!

    I'm hoping for it to be no more than 40-50 people (which I still think is high), and I don't want it to be too stuffy - relaxed, but still a nice Adirondack atmosphere with good food. We have a lot of friends and family coming from out of town, so my in-laws are thinking about also doing a 'reception' after the dinner for the people who happen to be in town but weren't a part of the rehearsal. They're asking me for help with this part too. I was really hoping to NOT be in charge of planning the dinner and reception, but it looks like I'm the default planner.

    I also found a place called Frederick's Restaurant on the Visit Lake George website - has anyone heard of it?

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    The holiday inn in LG is amazing. I'm not sure when your wedding is but this winter they are re-doing there banquet space. It's a lovely hotel and has beautiful views. I agree with a day trip.
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    You should look into Ciro's Restaurant in Lake Luzerne (Exit 21 off I87, 5 miles off the highway) --- it's a cute little Adirondack Place that does quite a few Rehearsal Dinners --- they are doing mine next week! My fiance & i went out there last weekend to try it out --- sooo yummy! We're also having around 50 people, which will fit nicely in the room. We're doing family style to allow guests options... It's pretty casual - so if you're looking for a relaxed place to let people get to know each other while eating good food, go with Ciro's!
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