Wedding Band instead of DJ?!

We almost booked our DJ, and I suddenly had a change of heart and really want a band (FI thinks im crazy!, maybe I am?!) ... I have never even worked with a wedding band, I know nothing about them, I've never seen one in action, but I think it would be great. Does anyone have any good recommendations? Also, they could be $1,000 or they could be $10,000, I have no idea. I feel like it would be a waste of time to sit down and meet with bands if they were closer to the second price-point, but that's what they all want to do. Help!?

Re: Wedding Band instead of DJ?!

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    There are tons of local bands available for weddings - I've witnessed the Bob Charest band in action and they are AMAZING, but I would imagine that they command a high rate because they have so many members.

    I would highly recommend our wedding musician - Aaron Denny (although he is out of NH and he requires a travel fee in most cases, depending on where in Maine your reception is). He did our friend's wedding in October and he is so talented. He will do classical guitar for your ceremony, live acoustic music for the cocktail hour, and then DJ the reception - so you get a little of everything! We paid around $1,500 for the whole package, which I think is very reasonable for 6 hours of service (ceremony to reception). I can't wait for him to do our wedding in September :) You can check out his website at" target="_blank" title="Aaron Denny">
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    Thanks! He seems awesome! I'll look into it.
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    Not sure how much Tony Boffa Band charges but they are fantastic!  They played at my friend's wedding last year and the floor was packed all night.  They also do a lot of  interaction with your guests.  They're in Westbrook if you want to give them a call. Good luck!
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    we are using the delta knight band, four pice band, drum,guitar,bass, and saxaphone (also vocals) 4 hours will cost us 1200 but also includes travel
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