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I was just speaking with a futre in law and she asked me what the theme of my wedding was. I had no idea I had to come up with a theme I just chose colors (Persimmon & Chocolate Brown)

So what are some simple themes that I can base my wedding around?

Date: October 8, 2011

Re: Wedding Themes

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    honestly you don't have to have a wedding theme.  

    but if you wanted to pick you, you could do a fall themed wedding ( looking at colors & time of year).  

    is there something that is meaningful to both you and your FI?  

    favorite song?

    is there a symbol you want to carry throughout your invitation, program and decorations?  

    sorry i couldn't be more helpful.  
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    Your colors remind me of a pumpkin spice latte mmm yummy!
    Sorry not really a theme but I agree with Krimson because of your date and colors I'm thinking any theme with "Fall" in it would be fitting i.e. Fall Fantasy etc.

    Tell us more about the look of your wedding and maybe we can be of more assistance.

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    I agree with PP, when I think theme , I think of the disasters I've seen on wedding shows like pirate , hippie, or halloween themed. Colors and an idea are fine.  For example I want a vitage look with the colors blush, ivory, and gold
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    The Fi and I have a theme based on a song "Only One I Need"
    we were going to do PurpleHoney as our colors/theme from our 1st movie 2gether but that didnt work out... So it really can be anything u want..
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    Yes one of my closest girlfriends doesn't have a theme at all. However i do and it's A Soulful Kind of Love.
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