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Feeling blah

Like the topic says. I am feeling so blah and I really just don't want to deal with things anymore. And some of it's NWR either. 

Got 3 weeks left on RSVP's and for the past 2 weeks nothing has come in. They have been trickling in from 1-5 a day. I'm still waiting on 45 people. Then I know for a fact, 3 responses were mailed months ago and never made it to me. So I'm in a panic and not sure what to do. Just an FYI, in Sept my post office decided to return mail to my daughters school saying no such address. I had to run to the school to prove we lived where we live. I wqas 1/65 sent back from the post for that reason.

The I'm registry stalking, really hoping for a few items (and yes I sound gift grabby, but I realy want the pots and pans set) and nothing except 4 items have been bought. 

I have emailed my dj twice and have not gotten a response as to if I need to have a final meeting. I have some things that I need to go over as I'm wanting a particular thing done. 

I loath my job. My supervisor is Hitler in female form. Apparently asking co-worker who previously worked issue 2 years prior to my arrival for help is a big nono. Giggling on the way back from lunch is dreadful. Yesterday HR (who is the nicest) was talking with us and Hilter was hiding around corner listening in, then pacing by. Obviously ticked off we were talking. So yeah, I pretty much cry on my way to work. Put in my headphones and drown the day away.

Then FI is being a lazy bum. Not helping with anything, leaving messes everywhere, and expecting me to do it all. 

Right now the only thing I'm looking foward to is the HM to go on vacation. I haven't had a vacation in about 3 years for anything longer then a weekend. 

Please tell me I'm not alone on some of this Blah feeling.

Re: Feeling blah

  • I know how you feel, lately I'm just tired and want to curl up in bed and watch tv or read books.  I really think the weather isn't helping since it rained practically all last week and now its raining again today! Also some of my clients have been obnoxious lately and I really just want to yell at them and b*tch them out that they aren't the only clients and we are waiting on other people's stuff to get their stuff done.  We are missing 25 RSVP's as well and we have gotten 4 in in the last few days.  One of our groomsmen fell off the face of the earth for the last like 3 weeks and FI isn't happy, since he is trying to get intouch with him about tuxes, hotel rooms, and rehersal dinner.

  • :: hugs ::

    I hear you on FI's being lazy. Ricardo has decided to be lazy for some reason. Basket full of laundry that I washed - but he can't seem to lift a finger to help put away! Ugh!

    I was feeling really blah yesterday. I took my mom to Meijer to get groceries - and I literally started crying in the middle of Meijer because they didn't have cheap fabric softener sheets -____- and I was just waaaay overwhelmed.

    Woke up today - and I feel better..at least for now.

    So maybe it'll go away soon for you. :o)

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  • That sucks about your job girl!!  Why is HR not taking any form of action??  Obviously they see her out their listening in & pacing??? For real?? Is there any form of privacy???  I promise I was in your shoes...it took a year for some things to get resolved at my job & it finally happened and life was better...I just hope it doesn't take that long for you!
  • Ugh! I'm sorry you're feeling this way.

    Does the HR know about what's going on with your boss?? It may be a good idea to have a talk with the HR.

    When is your RSVP due? You probably will get your answers once you start calling people. As long as you know you still will get your answer whether you get their RSVP back or not because of the mailing issue.

    Try calling the DJ instead of e-mailing? Or even show up in person maybe??

    I'm sorry about your FI, mine can be that way too. Sounds like you just need a break from everything! Remember this is almost done and you'll be off enjoying your honeymoon!
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  • HR knows that Hiltler is not the best. Sadly it's a private family run business and HR has to take the issues to the owners and they decide. Apparently the are all for the Hilter act.

    Heck the owner would rather have us women in skirts and heels. He's extreme old school.

    The place also makes me miserable as they never formally trained me, then telling me 6 months later; "Oh you are doing that wrong." 

    I'm going to be looking for a new job after the wedding. I was desperate with being laid off I took the first job I was offered. 

    Again another day of no RSVP's in the mail. This is getting old.
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