Antique Limosuine?

I would like to rent Antique Limosuine's '38 Cadillac for my vintage-style wedding on August 4th. Has anyone had any experiences with them? Do they have any competitiors here in town who may have similar vintage cars?

Re: Antique Limosuine?

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    Haven't used them for a wedding but used them for my Mom's birthday a few years ago. Got the 53 Rolls and it was really great. The owner Jack is a top notch professional and I was impressed. I had met him at a wedding I was at and that is how I found him. Not sure if there is anyone else with cars quite like his. If you go with him, you won't be disappointed. We didn't use anyone for our wedding since the wedding and reception were all at the same place.

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    I haven't worked with Antique Limousine before but my wedding ceremony coordinator recommended them to me, along with Indianapolis Limousine.  I think we're going to go with Indianapolis Limousine because they're more affordable for what we want.  Good luck!
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    Thanks for the suggestion. I like their Johnson Phantom Excalibur!
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