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April 2012 Weddings

I`m thinking about moving my wedding date to April....

I was originally planning for February 18 2012. I haven`t booked anything yet, and I started to rethink since I live in Canada and we can get some pretty bad blizzards here that would cause our guests to backout of the wedding last minute.

So I started thinking about April 21st or April 28th 2012....but it seems SO far away. I don`t know if I like the idea of almost a 1 year and 5 month engagement. I read somewhere that the engagement loses credibility with family and friends when it lasts about a year and a half or more.

Does anyone else feel like it`s extremely far away, and what have you planned so far

Re: I`m thinking about moving my wedding date to April....

  • February 2012 vs April 2012 is 2 months.  I'm not sure why moving your wedding 2 months would really affect how people feel about your wedding...and I'm not sure why 2 extra months would make your wedding feel so much further away.

    Personally, I'm having a 22 month engagement.  It's what's right for me and FI - and it is a little far away, but I'm shocked that 7 months have gone by since we got engaged - time moves quicker than you think. We've been together 5 years, our relationship isn't losing any credibility in the eyes of our family/friends, and they are all excited for our wedding.  I'd base your decision on when to hold your wedding on what's best for you, your FI, and your families - not on a statement you read somewhere that may or may not be true.

    Thanks to our longer engagement, I have the ceremony/reception venue, catering, DJ, photographer, and officiant booked - all at 2010 prices for a 2012 wedding :)
  • I agree with MDPHD! If you're that worried about what other people think why not have it in the fall of next year? I agree to do what works best for you guys! Ignore other people because they will ALL give you their opinions. We knew a 17 month engagement would give us time to have the wedding WE wanted. We didn't want anyone to assist us in paying for it and I wanted a spring wedding. Viola April 21st, 2012.

    To answer your second question we had our tasting tonight, will be sending out the deposit for that and the photographer tomorrow. Venue and wedding planner are booked as well. I have my dresses ordered and a list of stylists to work with for pictures etc.

    Anyone who would invalidate your engagement because it's not in their timeline should go kick rocks! Enjoy planning because I love that we are locking in prices and the best vendors this early!
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  • I agree with PP. For all of us who are already on this board we are having at least a year and half engagement. I dont think its too long to be engaged. I think it just gives us the upper hand as we can take time to plan. We have the time to shop around for what we really want and can get great prices for booking in advance. And I think anyone who trys to discredit your engagement or wedding because of the time frame is crazy and like PP said they can go kick rocks!!!! Enjoy having the extra 2 months to plan and dont let anyone take your excitement away.
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