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Stuck on Jewelry for the bridesmaids

Hi Ladies, I am getting married in June on the beach and I am having such a hard time finding jelwry for the bridesmaid and flower girls. I origionally wanted something like a starfish or a shell pendant for their necklaces and earrings but I had no such luck. Does anyone know where I could find inexpensive, yet good jewlery like this? I also though of having all the girls wear pearls since I have a little pearl accent on the dress and tiara, But the ones I found have pink pearls on them. Do you ladies think that they would look alright with an apple red dress? I am afraid to order them and then it not look good with their dresses. 
Thanks in advance for your help :) 

Re: Stuck on Jewelry for the bridesmaids

  • Have you checked
  • I have the perfect place for you to get a starfish necklace! It is called The Plum Porch and it is in Marston Mills, MA (Upper Cape Cod). I got all of my bridesmaids and myself starfish necklaces from there! They are perfect..and I wear mine everyday and have gotten so many compliments on it :) The store does have the starfish necklace (pendant and chain) in multiple sizes. They even had a very tiny one with a small chain for my flower girl who was only 2 years old. I got a bigger starfish with 16 and 18 inch chains for my girls for $29.99 each. Also, because I bought 8 of them...they also gave me an additional discount (although I do not remember what the exact discount was). I VERY HIGHLY recommend the store. If you like anything beach or Cade Cod themed you will fall in love the moment you walk in. Besides the star fish necklaces, they have many other nautical jewelry items (all at very reasonable prices). I was able to get some small star fish pins for the flower girls hair as well. It ended up not working with the way her hair was done, so I clipped it to thr front of her dress and it was just adorable. The staf is sooo friendly and so wonderful and will help you think of ways you can make their products work. I have been back there a few times since and they have always remembered who I am :) I wish you luck and if you need any help finding them, just ask! Here is their website..unfortunately I can't seem to find links to their actual items, but I may just not be looking hard enough! 

  • I haven't check I just googled "starfish necklace" and looked through the websites they listed, and have been looking in every store I go into. I will definitly look on there, thank you! 

    That store sounds perfect! I am actually from the cape but moved to western mass a few years ago, and we are going home next weekend to finish all our final wedding plans :) so I will have to stop there while I am home! Thank you again! that store sounds perfect! 

    Those are really cute! I found on similar on another website but it was ridiculously priced! Thank you! 

  • Try Kim,
    She is based in Orleans and does AMAZING work! She can custom make things for you too!
  • Snow's in Orleans, open year-round, delightful sales staff and the price is right!
  • I saw sterling silver starfish necklaces at target. They were either $15 or $20
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