Venues with a Bay Area water view

Hi Everyone,

I'm not from California but my fiancé is so we are planning to get married in the Bay Area.

I'm hoping for a place with a water/ocean view. Has anyone checked out venues with one? I've found two places online I like so far (Ondine and Cliff House).

Any suggestions/tips would be much appreciated!

PS the wedding will be super small and intimate - probably no more than 20 people

Re: Venues with a Bay Area water view

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    Check out Wedgewood at Crystal Springs. It's in Burlingame. The ceremony area is breath taking! It overlooks a reservoir. 
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    Thanks! I will check it out!
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    chrissy field is an oceanfront park that you can do weddings at.

    Seascape is nice too, but thats farther south
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    I recently went to a wedding in San Rafael at the St. Vincent School for Boys and the view of the bay was amazing.  The couple married in the church there and had the reception in the outdoor courtyard which had the AMAZING view and beautiful fountain.  When I googled it I couldn't find info on how to book a wedding there but it's gorgeous.  I didn't take pics of the view really but you can get a feel for it from the pics I took of the floral arrangements.  HTH!

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    Be careful about timing of your events. I went to a wedding this December which had the ceremony at a church and the reception at the Cliff House. It was already dark by the time the reception got into full swing. The view couldn't be seen much, though the food was good and I had a great time. I had thought about doing my wedding at the Sofitel in Redwood City to take advantage of their lagoon view. I loved the lobby of the hotel, but the rooms were too dated and they don't have a jacuzzi. No jacuzzi = dealbreaker for my out of towners. In the end I decided to stay closer to home for a more personal venue. I'm thinking of taking an outing the day before to the waterfront so that our out of towners get to see some water. If you have a smaller wedding with a bunch of sailing enthusiasts you could look at yacht clubs or the Seaport Conference Center.
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    Good Point PP about the timing and light.  THe wedding I went to that I posted pics of above was at 3 and t ws in Sept so there was enough through dinner and was dark for cake cutting.  The only thing for me being that it was an outdoor reception on the bay was I was eaten ALIVE by mosquitos!  Must've been my lotion or something but FI didn't have a bite on him.  Could also be that his legs and arms were covered and mine werent.  I still had a good time though!
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    Check out Acqua Hotel in Mill Valley:
    My friend had her wedding there and it was beautiful!
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    Thank you so much for all of your ideas! Very helpful!
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    I am looking for something similar.

    I believe the suggestions here will be very helpful for my wedding too.
    I come from Europe and part of my guests too. We would like to enjoy the Bay Area view too.

    We don't have much time for arranging everything, he aske for my hand few days ago and the wedding it's taking place in August the 7th

    Good luck to you and Thank everyone for the pieces of advice!!

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