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What do you have done so far???

So far we have a date :o) We booked our venue, just confirmed with the hotel that we will use for overnight guests and transportation. Hoping to get photographer and dj settled soon. Other than that, I don't feel the need to rush, but I want to kind of, so it's a battle with myself really to take it slow lol Just looking to see what you ladies have gotten accomplished already and curious to see where we all stand in our 18 mo out timeline!
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Re: What do you have done so far???

  • I'm in the process of booking my venue right now.  We picked the location and the date but we are just confirming that it is, in fact, available lol.  We weren't planning on an October wedding at first so we're unsure if the date we want is open.  I'm waiting to here today.  Then that will be my first wedding thing to check off!  :)
    Other than that, I haven't done much...even though I want to.  hahaha
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  • What we have done:

    Ceremony site booked
    Reception booked
    Guest list drafted
    Photographer booked
    DJ booked
    Invite paper bought
    Centerpiece bowls bought
    Silk flowers bought
    Birdcage for cards bought
    Some of the candy buffet bowls bought
    Officiant figured out- my uncle
    My dress picked out and ordered. Won't be in until July or Aug.
    My shoes bought since I my dress is ordered based on height bc it cannot be shortened.

    All of the little stuff I have slowly bought between Sept and now. I will not get any debt  built up planning this. Right now I am just sitting back saving more money as we go. I have only asked one girl to stand up as I am deciding on the rest.

    The last eight months have flown by fast already and I don't want to be like my FSIL who is rushed figuring things out for Sept.


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    I have my venue, photographer, uplighting and DJ.  I also asked my girls already.  I asked because my FI sisters husband is in the military.  They are moving from CA to HI in September.  I did it last time they were home because I wanted her to feel included in some of my wedding planning.  I am taking a break until October.  I have a few weddings coming up for my sister and friends.  I just want to focus on their time then get back into my planning.
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  • I have venue, which is reception and ceremony site, MOH, and photographer. I am taking this month off to focus on other things. (That is much needed) But, I am still keeping up with a few knot boards and bridal mags in between. It's so addicting!
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    Wow you all are on top of things! We just got engaged the end of January but we have:
    Chosen our date (10/19/2013 also, popular date!)
    Booked our venue (same for ceremony and reception)
    Essentially booked the caterer as it is in-house and required at our venue

    We are working on the photographer search now but our schedules are about to pick up pace (we're both in medical schoo), so it might have to wait until July.
  • Hey guys!!! New to this board - signed up a while ago but never really have the time to get on the message boards unless I make time which is hard! and I'm getting married on October 4th but anyway so far I have this done:

    Reception is booked
    DJ is booked
    Photographer is booked
    Bridal Party has been picked (still have one more girl to ask)
    Ceremony & Officiant - know where and who it will be - FH church doesn't book more than one year in advance so we have to wait until Sept/Oct to book
    Started dress shopping - still gotta finish that
    Flowers - getting silk flowers but have an idea of who I will be using
    Have an idea for the grooms tuxes
    DIY Save the Dates designed - just need to get it printed to see how it would look
    DIY Invitations - have an idea
    Guest List is pretty much done
    Started taking dance lessons

    I think that's about it - right now just saving and saving
  • Hi ladies :) 

    Congrats to all of you!!!

    Ceremony/Reception booked - The Grove 10/11/13 Kiss
    DJ is booked
    Photographer is booked.
    Bridal Part has been picked (girls anywaY)
    Started dress shopping so fun!!!

    That is about it at this point.

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