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I absolutely love hearing about the good mishaps of weddings. Share yours!!


Immediately after the ceremony, my new husband and I went inside the house (the wedding was held in the back yard) to sign the papers and all that jazz. Our witnesses were my best friend and DH's brother. So our officiant puts little X's next to where the witnesses are supposed to sign and has then write their names before we do. I go to sign my name on the bride line after they've finished...and I notice the groom line has already been signed...with a little X next to it. My officiant had me marry my brother-in-law. Of course DH went and scratched his name really hard over his brother's ad everything was fine, but even 10 months after the fact, everyone refers to my brother-in-law as my "first husband".
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Re: Best Wedding Bloopers

  • Oh my! That's a big blooper.

    Not too much "went wrong" at my wedding but I had a huge aisle with stairs on it. So we get married and H and I recessing back up the aisle and going up the stairs my shoe goes through every layer of tulle in my dress and gets stuck. I couldn't get it undone so I hobbled my way all the way back up the long aisle.

    Thankfully my photographer was on the ball and captured this gem:

    June 16, 2012
  • Our DJ played some techno song for our first dance.  Well, it started slow, so we danced even though we knew this wasn't right.  Then, you know, once the real techno beat started, I just said "NO" really loudly, he said "oops," and he changed it to our song.  Which was pop-country.  Go figure.

    Unfortunately, since my husband and I really don't enjoy dancing and it was already awkward dancing alone in front of that many people, the techno didn't help matters.  He managed to keep me on the dance floor, though, since all I kept saying (through a very forced smile) was "I want to sit down.  Let's sit down." When people ask what our wedding song was, we just say "we don't like to talk about it."
  • lol this is a good thread :)

    We didn't have anything that was a big deal, really. However, our ceremony was outdoors and the city's high school is located just down the street. While our officiant was speaking, apparently, they started having a marching band practice, so horns and drums started up in the background. Thankfully they cut out after a few seconds, but it made for some giggles!

    Also, neither of us was sure when to actually say "I do", so DH ended up saying it three times...and I said it twice lol She paused and it was confusing! More giggles... :)

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    I'm normally a lurker but wanted to join... this is such a cute thread. Hopefully it will alleviate any post-wedding anxiety that anyone may be having about bloopers. Here's mine... I wanted us to use our first names for the majority of the ceremony, and then use our full names for the vows. H hates his middle name and wasn't a fan of this idea. Well, I guess I stressed this too much to our priest because he used our first AND middle names for the entire ceremony! As soon as he started with "We are here today to join Janine Marie and Michael Anthony in Holy Matrimony..." I knew we were in trouble. Janine Marie and Michael Anthony.... Janine Marie and Michael Anthony.... for 40 minutes! I thought H was going to die and there was nothing I could do. God knew who we were by the time it was over! Lol
  • Nothing went wrong at our actual wedding. The night before was another story...
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    My dad is a crier. Everyone was joking about how many times my dad would  cry at my wedding. ( I am an only child) So my dad was determined not to cry when he walked my down the aisle. So for whatever reason, he thought it would be a good idea to stare at my cousin who was sitting on the far end of the first pew. So in all of our pictures of my dad and I walking in, he looks like he is giving my cousin a death stare. but he did not cry...  then.

    Oh and H stepped on my dress (which was tulle) in about the first 15 seconds of our first dance and putting a huge whole in the front of it. But we kept dancing and laughing through in. I safety pinned it later and you couldnt tell.

    Picture: as H spun me, he stepped on my dress, everyone heard the rip!
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  • I don't post often, but I have a good one.

    My last name is Steve, and my fiance's first name is Scott.  Ours was a destination wedding and we hadn't actually met our officient prior to the wedding.  I'd talked to her several times on the phone and she always called me "girlfriend" and my FI my "sweetheart".  Weird, but I knew she was the aging hippie-type when we booked her.

    At the very beginning of the ceremony, she called us "Flipflop and Steve".  We all froze.

    Me:  No, his name is Scott.

    Officiant:  Oh, that's right.  Scott.  Steve was your first husband.

    Insert uncomfortable laughing.  I tried to correct her, but by then, she'd moved on.  Oh well.  It was right on the marriage certificate.

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  • In Response to <a href="">Re: Best Wedding Bloopers</a>:
    [QUOTE]I don't post often, but I have a good one. My last name is Steve, and my fiance's first name is Scott.  Ours was a destination wedding and we hadn't actually met our officient prior to the wedding.  I'd talked to her several times on the phone and she always called me "girlfriend" and my FI my "sweetheart".  Weird, but I knew she was the aging hippie-type when we booked her. At the very beginning of the ceremony, she called us "Flipflop and Steve".  We all froze. Me:  No, his name is Scott. Officiant:  Oh, that's right.  Scott.  Steve was your first husband. Insert uncomfortable laughing.  I tried to correct her, but by then, she'd moved on.  Oh well.  It was right on the marriage certificate.
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    </div><div>LOL All of these are hilarious! Thank you for this awesome thread. It makes me feel a lot better about stressing. 
    I don't have a story yet, but I'm sure I will. But I will contribute a good one of someone else's wedding. </div><div>My FI's cousin got married 20 years ago at a church. After the happy couple said hi to the last guest a the receiving line, they realized that everyone have already left and they did not have a ride to the reception. So there they are, the bride in her poofy wedding gown standing on the side of the road wondering where everyone went. Thankfully the photographer drove by, saw them by the curb and gave them a lift to the reception!</div>
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  • We didn't have too many...but here's a couple:
    My husband apparently put the rings in the pocket of his tuxedo prior to heading up to the opera house for his pics before the ceremony, to find that there was a hole in the pocket and mine had fallen out.  They apparently spent a good hour searching for it and found it just in time for the ceremony, all the while I had no clue any of this happened (EVERYONE else did, LOL) and we started right on time, he just didn't get pics done.
    Then when we were exchanging rings, I went to put his on to find he forgot to take his Claddaugh Ring off (we both wear one, but his was on his left hand until the wedding), so i just put his ring on the same ring and he wore both for the ceremony.
    Also, my photographer ended up doing my bustle (even though my bridemaids knew how to do it) and it was wrong, it was falling out the entire night.

    But it was nothing major, still a great day.
  • I have a ring story too. I had my "wedding day bag" packed for almost a week before the wedding, including the bag with the wedding rings in it. When I was getting my make-up done, the photographer asked where my accessories were so she could take some pictures of the rings and necklace, etc. I pointed her in the right direction and told her to help herself. When she was done, she handed me my things. I put the bag with the wedding rings down NEXT to my wedding day bag and continued to get ready. When everything was done, I picked up my wedding day bag, looked around the room twice to make sure I had everything, and left to go to the venue. We got there, and took pictures for about half an hour. Then it was time to go inside for the Ketubah (marriage license) ceremony. That was when I was planning on giving Maid of Honor and Best Man the rings to hold. I bent down to get the rings out of the bag and had a moment of panic! I LEFT THE RINGS AT THE HOTEL!!! Needless to say, this was also the first moment my groom saw me! Not exactly the "first look" I immagined. My Uncle was still at the hotel, so he retrieved the rings just in time for the ceremony!
  • Love this thread! We had a few--one, my dress caught walking up the aisle and my dad had to unhook it lol! Great shot of me laughing as I was so nervous!
    Second, when I went to put the ring on, I couldn't figure out right hand to put it on...lots of laughing and another great shot of me being goofy embarrased LOL!

    Then, my bridesman put the flowers for my mom and his sister (we were presenting them to each other's family member) were put in the wrong place. We had to pause and wait for him to retrieve them even though I had told him to leave them on the seats!! :)Smile

    There were more but hey, they were fun!
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  • This should be a sticky thread- what an awesome idea! I can't wait to share mine after our wedding, as i'm sure with our group of friends there will be many goofy stories! :)
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  • DH's two cousins read the prayers of the faithful at our wedding mass.  We had written our own and given a copy to them ahead of time.  We found out after the fact that they forgot to bring them, and that they ended up getting them from an email on someone's iPhone and copying them down on to the back of one of our programs as the ceremony was about to start.  :-P  Our photographer got a picture of them copying the prayers off the phone.  
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  • My husbands' cell phone went off as I was saying my vows.  He quickly reached into his pocket and sent it to voicemail but everyone heard it and burst out laughing (including me).  
    As soon as the ceremony was over, we all yelled at him to check his voicemail since everyone we knew was there and we were very curious about who it could be . . .
    It was a video game store letting him know that the new Call Of Duty game that he ordered was available to pick up---we could all rest easy. :)
    It was such a hilarious moment that was totally "us" and we got some really great pictures from it.
  • These are great :-)

    Just about everything for our wedding went smoothly!  It was amazing how all of the little things I stressed out about seemed to work themselves out...

    The one "blooper" was that they apparently forgot to unload the large flower piece for next to the altar before the ceremony.  So all the guests are there, the wedding party has made their way down the aisle, and my dad and I are standing around the corner, about to start walking down the aisle, when a guy bursts through the side door (right next to us) with the flowers, feeling horrible that he had missed it.  He started asking us where he should put the flower piece and how to get it to the altar and I was like "uhhh let's just forget it..."  Of course nobody noticed and it was completely fine, but it was just funny that he wanted to try to fix it 5 seconds before we walked down the aisle.  Helped lighten the mood :-)
  • I have quite a few

    1: We were married at a private gazebo, when I went to step up into the gazebo, I looked down and there were a million ants so on our wedding video you can hear me squael and point it out
    2: those ants later paid me back and a good many crawled up my train, caught trapped and starting biting me while trying to take pictures with family. My dad then lifted my dress up and started smacking me.

    3: our sweet ring bearer went to place his thumb print our our guest book tree and leaned over on top of the ink pad.  So about 20 min before the ceremony, they used 2 shout pens and about 10 shout pads but it didn't touch the ink. He carried his pillow infront of his stomach the whole time, he was so upset. I, however, could not stop laughing, he looked like the Hulk was breaking through his shirt. You can see a small part of it here. Poor kid, the stain went through to his skin and stayed there all weekend!

    4: to add to all of the "Steeler" surprises for my groom. My garter was steelers so I gave him a football to wrap it around, thinking the boys would rather catch a football than a garter. I probably shouldn't have played "Another Bites the Dust" because they scattered when Arik through it! It took three attempts before someone caught it.

    5: My dad and his cousin have a love/hate relationship. They are constantly picking on one another. So they caused a little drama at the reception. I turned around to catch this...

    It also monsooned on our wedding day so about 1 hr before the ceremony was set to start OUTSIDE... our reception area was in an inch of water. so they brought in 10 men from maintenance with backpack blowers and blew the water off so they could resetup our reception.

    Our day was a fairytale and these few mishaps just made it that much better. So much went wrong but so much more went right.
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  • As my dad passed me off to my husband during the ceremony, my husband's first words to me were "you look f***ing amazing!" ... Not sure who heard, but I couldn't stop laughing :P

    We also got attacked by red ants during our family pics :P ... I had ants everywhere!!!

    All in good fun :)

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