cost of flowers???

We need 1 bride bouquet
               8 bridesmaid bouquets
               13  boutineers
                4 corsages
               17-21 centerpieces
We are working on budgeting and I have NO idea how much our flowers are going to cost.  Our budget guide says we should plan on somewhere between 2000 & 3000 (we're hoping to stay on the lower end).  However, everything seems to cost way more than we were planning.  Anybody have any clue how reasonable those expectations are?  They bouquets don't need to be huge, and we're thinking low centerpieces for the tables.  Also, the flowers don't really matter, we care more about the color than the type.  Thanks!

Re: cost of flowers???

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    What if you knocked down some of the price and did the flowers yourself? It might be fun bonding time with your girls and a couple bottles of wine, and then you can have everything just how you want it, for a much cheaper price.

    We're doing a budget wedding and this is the route that I'm going. You can contact your local florist for classes and sit down with him/her to discuss types/colors, etc. I know that a lot of different types of white roses can be dyed, and roses are ALWAYS classic, and you can get matching bouts for about $6 apiece (that's what our florist quoted us).

    Did you also think about asking your girls if they would be willing to 'donate' their bouquets for centerpieces? They probably won't keep them anyways, and if they do want them, they can grab them before they leave. You can designate somebody to transport and set them in their vases while your doing pictures at your ceremony location! It would help with a fraction of the centerpieces you would need.

    Just a few ideas :)
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    Yes you can keep the cost down and not have to lift one finger!! I am getting married in Plymouth, VT on June 5th and we picked Marion's florist.  She was really reasonable and she works with your budget.  I went with gerber daisies for centerpieces and kept it simple with just 3 flowers and I provided mason jars, 12 bucks at wallmart,   My bouquet is the most expensive at 120 ( peonies, runculus, and roses) but its all good because we knew we wanted to spend no more than $ 800 for the total and we came right under our budget.  The girls are all carrying gerber daisies 5 each, and guys are getting mini gerber daisies. I have 12 all together in wedding party including us so we had to use an inexpensive flower like the gerber.   I also am decorating the huppah which was 150 but will be pretty when we are standing under it.  The delivery and set up fee is only $ 25.00 so it was really worth using her!! If you have any questions just ask me!! and good luck with finding a good florist
    :  )
    Take care

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    I have a 120 person wedding and am paying about 3000 for flowers. My bouquet plus 6 BMs and 6 Groomsmen with about 20 table placements and some flowers for the cocktail area!
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