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Horrible ending to a beautiful day - my personal experience with Coral House on 4/14/12

I feel Coral House ruined my wedding - was the most horrible ending to a beautiful day...I could have let it slide till the owner yelled at me :(  

I would personally not recommend them to any bride that cares about them self.  they were decent to my guests, some cold food, a few tables with bad service, rude matri'd to me and my bridal party, but to the bride...I felt they took my money and didnt care about me at all. I felt rushed out at the one even had the respect to come up to me and say "hey we have another party, lets move this to the lounge and open a cash bar"...which is what Linda Hunt told me they do when parties run over and another is booked at my very first meeting.

the owner yelled at me for defending one of my vendors, i left in HYSTERICAL TEARS...I sat outside crying in my wedding dress.

I have cried for the past 2 days and the owner wont even return any of our phone calls or apologize for being so mean

I felt like they were ok to my guests, some guests had hair in their food, some had cold food, my bridesmaid was hit in the head with a chair by staff and no one apologized, they kicked me out of the bridal suite, i asked for water 6 times only to have the DJ bring it to me becasue he saw I was about to faint, wrong cake, they lost the top tier to my cake, the matri'd man handled one of our groomsmen, the matri'd was rude to me, wrong ceremony pieces, ugly (personal opinion) planters with either dead, or ungrown plants by the altar, they broke a ton of my stuff at the end by rushing us out and shoving it into boxes, they treated a few of my outside vendors very poorly in my was just a really really terrible experience from the perspective of myself as a bride.  (I repeat this is all my personal opinion, the owner threatened to sue me as I sat outside crying in my wedding dress, because I told him I was going to post this review)

I have never been more sad to have a dream crushed in my life.  based on my personal experiences, if you care about being a bride at all, and not just about your guests, then stay far far far away from Coral house.  again this is all based on my personal experience that I just had with the new owners this past weekend, and I am sure some brides had a great wedding, but I personally feel sick to my stomach that I just threw away my life savings to a place that could care less about me than the geese poop all over the ceremony space outdoors :(

Please message me if you have any more questions about my experience and I can go into more detail.

Re: Horrible ending to a beautiful day - my personal experience with Coral House on 4/14/12

  • Oh my goodness! thats terrible!!! im so sorry you had to go through that! ::hug:: i hope future brides take this into consideration...that shouldnt happen to anyone!
  • In Response to Re: Horrible ending to a beautiful day - my personal experience with Coral House on 4/14/12:
    Please tell me more, I just met with Linda yesterday about hosting my wedding at Coral House, so please let me know more.  I would not want the same thing to happen to me.
  • SO awful!!! You've definitely scared me away a but. FH and I went there for a tasting and weren't crazy about the room but they were giving us a reallyt great deal and throwing in so much that they are one we were really considering however, not exactly our dream. We are on a budget. I will be taking this into serious concideration though. Thank you for sharing and so so so very sorry your day was ruined. :*(
  • Please dont have your wedding at the coral house....they are nightmares!!!!Everyone I know that got married, sweet 16 anything had a horrible experience.
    Im so sorry you went through that!!!

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