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who's address to list on registry????

I have a question.....When registering for my gifts at Macy's and Bed and Bath they asked for my address in case people mail the gifts. Should I put my mothers address since she is hosting the shower or my own address so the gifts are sent to me? I dont want to have poor etiquette

Re: who's address to list on registry????

  • Gifts will be sent for both the shower and the wedding, so shower location alone shouldn't dictate. Are there many people who will be invited to your shower but won't come because they live out of town? If so, it might make sense to have gifts sent to your mother's home. I don't think there is any issue of etiquette, more convience. I will move twice before our wedding, so I am using my parents' address, because it isn't changing. Also, my mom is home during the day most days, so I know packages won't sit outside for long there.
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  • yeah I have a few out of towners...and my mom is also home in the summer so I think use my parents address then.thanks!
  • Just use whichever address you want the gifts to go to.  Keep in mind that it is proper etiquette to open gifts as they arrive to be sure they are not broken and to write a thank you note to the gift giver.  If you choose to have any shipped gifts go to your mom's, check to make sure she is ok with opening the gifts and telling you who they're from and what they are. 

  • I had everything sent to my parents' address for simplicity's sake. Especially since they had room to store everything while I was moving.
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  • I have our gifts being shipped to my house (FI and I live together). We have plenty of room to store them until the wedding and won't have to move anything after the wedding. Have them shipped to wherever is most convenient for you and easiest.
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  • Everything goes to my Grandmothers address it is the safest bet plus ALL the mail carriers know me (Shoot my mail man of 25yrs is coming to my wedding he is one of the reasons I went back to college, huge inspiration to ME)..but her address has a front porch, we know all the neighbors it's SAFE...moms house is too open and we live in a 3rd floor apt right it was the best way, we put her addy on the STDs they will go on the invites, and on the registry
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    [QUOTE]I had everything sent to my parents' address for simplicity's sake. Especially since they had room to store everything while I was moving.
    Posted by MelissaAnne88[/QUOTE]

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    Our ship-to address is my future in-law's house.  My parents' house is on the market and my FIL's are home much more often than my parents, so that's how we decided that.  Also, FIL's have a ton of storage space, whereas FI and I live in an apartment with limited storage and are both at work 10+ hours a day.  Anything that would be delivered to our apartment would go to the management office for us to pick up and we didn't want the hassle. 
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