Cake - How many guests REALLY eat it?

So I've heard when ordering a wedding cake you don't have to order cake for the exact number of guests you plan to have.  For example, if my wedding will be for 150 people, I don't need a cake that will serve 150 guests, because not everyone will eat dessert.

Is this true?  And if so, how many people SHOULD you assume will eat so you can order the right size cake?  Is it a percentage (75% of guests, etc).

Any help would be great so I don't have to order a cake and end up with tons of extras/leftovers...or leave people hungry wishing they got cake before it ran out!

Re: Cake - How many guests REALLY eat it?

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    Is the cake being served at the tables?  If so you should plan on serving a piece to everyone.  If the cake is self service you might be able to lower the amount. 

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    I wanted to do 2 cakes - 1 would be a cake that is out on display, will be seen, cut into during the reception, etc, and then 1 sheet cake to just be in the kitchen.  Both cakes would be different flavors/styles, which is my way of incorporating 2 cake flavors without doing a multi-flavored tiered cake.

    I haven't given much thought to how it would be served, esp. since it's 2 different types of cake for people to choose from.  Any thoughts on how people usually serve cake in this situation?
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    Wedding I have been to that had to types were served at the table.  Every other person got a different cake.  So if they wanted to switch there was the option to.  I like when this happens because FI and I just do 1/2 and 1/2.
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    I had the cake self serve (placed at a table off to the side, near the bar)- mostly because I knew not all the guests would eat it. We had about 160 guests, ordered enough cake for 100 people and had plenty of leftover.
    If cake is to be served at the tables, then you have to order enough for every guest.
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    Whenever I've been at a wedding and a few cake flavor were served it was kind of you get what you get, but they usually will mix them up enough at the table so people can switch.
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    Our venue includes a dessert (we are doing 2 choc covered strawberries per guest) and a small dessert table...and we figured no one will probably even want cake after all the eating and dancing! Instead, we are doing a "cake ice sculpture" that will be topped off w rose petals.  Not only does it look really nice, but it frees up a little space in the budget!

    similar to-
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    We had ours self serve as well, since there were 3 flavors - we had 100 guests and got cake for 100 guests and I didn't see a single slice left over! A lot of people took one of every flavor and it all got eaten. I remembered wanting to get another slice of my favorite, but they were all gone!
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    Ours was self serve also - we had 160 guests, ordered cake for 160 guests and they actually ran out and I don't think everyone even got some! 
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