Worcestr Area brides!! HELP PLEASSEEE

Okay So my fiance and I are supposed to be getting Married July 20th 2012, and that date is firm well assuming i can get it together by then. I have pretty much nothing planned.  I am trying to keep this at a vry low budget like maybe no more than 6 to 7grandish- We are looking to get married outside some where but having a hard time finding a receptionsite outside in our area, leiceter, spencer, charlton,sturbridge, auburn, or surrounding towns with a reception hall close-i am sure there are places but to be honest i am terrible at things like this so i am very overwhelmed and i dont even know where to start. i am not looking to spend an arm and a leg on food-  i do kno a caterer that will do it for a good price but i dont even know where to start to look for a hall that allows u to use your own caterer.. orginially we wanted to get married on the beach which we realized just couldnt happen so we are just gnna do a beach themed wedding- anyway i knw  this post is all over the place but ANYYYY suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated!!

** July 20th 2012 is exactly 10 years from when we first  started dating incase ur wndering why the date is important and i'd really rather not change it if at all possible.. i know im corny :-)

Re: Worcestr Area brides!! HELP PLEASSEEE

  • Biggest thing here is going to be budget. You need to decide what is important and what is not. Is the 6000 to 7000 for the entire wedding? With a quick search I found Leicester Country Club (check out their romance package for July). Also, Zukas Hilltop Barn looks very affordable though they do have a minumum of 100 people for a Friday wedding. Hope this helps and good luck! 
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    I'm getting married at Salem Cross Inn in West Brookfield, MA... Its about 30 mins from Sturbridge.  It's very rustic, with great food and great prices.  I'd recommend checking it out!!
  • Salem is inexpensive. Zukas and the local contry clubs not so much. We are in your budget. 

    This is oober rustic - but you could probuby get your budget in here -
  • Spencer Country Inn, and Valhalla in Monson are both very affordable.... Monson is about 15 minutes west of Sturbridge. We are hoping to spend about the same, (excluding honeymoon, and rings). It is HARD even in this area...

    Does anyone have any suggestions for saving money on DJ/photogher? (This will help both of us)
  • hunny84, I just sent you a private message!
  • Wachusett Country Club has good  "off-peak" deals (Sundays, Friday nights). Also look into Thursday nights- these are becoming more popular because they save you a TON of money. I went to a very nice Thursday night wedding last year.
  • Publick House is not real expensive.  Very prettty.  We liked the historic look but could not get our date.  I would call them and go over options.  They were very flexible and had ideas for saving money. 
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