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Lighting Companies

Has anyone ever or is anyone planning to use any lighting companies besides Goodwin? Nothing against Goodwin who I've heard nothing but fabulous reviews on...but just trying to do some price comparisons...


Re: Lighting Companies

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    We used Vincent Lighting (Randy) and I would highly recommend them, even over Goodwin.  We contacted both companies prior ro our wedding.  Both got back to us super quick with quotes.  Vincent was about $500-600 cheaper for the EXACT same lighting options.  Also, Goodwin charges for any in-person meetings you have if you book them (if I remember correctly it was around $100 for each meeting).  Vincent does not charge for any meetings, and it helped us a lot to meet with them in person so we could decide exactly which colors we wanted and what pattern we wanted to use on the dance floor.  Also, Goodwin emailed me and asked if I had made a decision at one point, so I emailed them back and told them that we had decided to use a different company.  The owner (the wife) emailed me back with a fairly nasty email saying that they were the best in the area and that none of the other companies could do what they did.  Well i thought Vincent did an AMAZING job!!  I had been to several weddings at my venue prior to mine that used Goodwin and I wouldn't have been able to tell a difference if I hadn't known who did the lighting.

    Also, depending on the extent of the lighting you want, if you are using a dj, you might want to see if they do lighting.  I know the dj we used, Queen City DJs, had several lighting packages including the uplighting and floow monogram.  We decided to use a lighting company though, since we were using a lot of uplighting on two stories, the pattern and monogrammed dance floor, and the night sky on the ceiling.

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    You might try Par-Tech Lighting on Reading Rd. I'm not sure if they do weddings or not, but I have done business with them in the past and they are very nice people.
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    I used Upbeats-dj.com. They are a DJ company & a lighting company. They can do what ever you want in the lighting world. We had uplighting around our venue room, Pin spotting the center pieces and the cake table, custom monogram, dance floor lights that were totally awsome. Oh yea and some lights the move everywhere just for our grande entrance (with a haze machine) They were awsome and we loved what they did for us. Plus it was one check for both DJ & Lighting. 2 thumbs up!
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    You should contact DJ Fox Entertainment. They're an Ohio DJ and  Wedding Uplighting Company that offers  DJ Services, Wedding Monogram Lighting, Pinspot Lighting. and are very professional.  419-233-3240  Website: http://www.ohiodjservices.com

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