"A Bride's Best Friend" wedding coordinator: any recommendations?

I've been toying with the idea of hiring a wedding coordinator (likely just a day-of coordinator since my budget is tight) and I found "A Bride's Best Friend" online, and their rates almost seem too good to be true. Whereas most coordinators I've seen charge +$1000 for day-of service, this company is advertising $400 for MONTH OF service (they don't do just day-of, month-of is their smallest package).

Now, I'm just worried that maybe the price is so low because the service leaves something to be desired. I'm hoping its just the case that maybe its a good coordinator who doesn't have enough of a presence in the industry to charge higher rates, but I just don't know.

I was wondering if anybody here has experience with this coordinating company. The price is really attractive to me right now, but I'd like to know beforehand if I'd be getting quality service or not.

This is the site I found the coordinator at: http://www.abridesbestfriends.com/

Re: "A Bride's Best Friend" wedding coordinator: any recommendations?

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    I don't have any experience with this company, but we used Nora (Totonchy) Shiels at Bridal Bliss for all our wedding planning, and she was absolutely phenomenal. 
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    I'll definitely keep her in mind! My only problem is that with the pricing I've found I MIGHT be able to hire her my parents and/or future-in-laws decide to chip in for wedding expenses, but since I'm going to assume my FI and I are paying by ourselves unless somebody else broaches the subject, I was looking for a service that we might be able to actually afford on our $5-6k budget.

    In any case, thank you for the recomendation! Hopefully my budget gets some more breathing room so I can talk to Nora, since she definitely seems like a solid planner that a lot of people like. In the meantime, if anybody has experience with "A Bride's Best Friend" (for better or worse), please still let me know!
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    Dumb question - why do you need a wedding coordinator?  If you're looking for a DOC (day-of coordinator), in the past a lot of Knotties have traded services.  One knottie is DOC for another, and then when the second one's day comes, the first knottie is her DOC.

    I know nothing about the company you posted, which kind of scares me.  There are several very reputable event planners/coordinators in Portland and I've never heard of these people.  Also, and this is going to sound totally ridiculous, but I tend to judge businesses on their website.  Theirs makes my head hurt.  That alone would put me off from them.  It just seems very unprofessional and that would worry me.
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    Dear LisaBean,

    I feel like my subconscious wrote this message!  I just looked into A Bride's Best Friend, and am experiencing the same doubts.  It seems like a good business, but there are no customer reviews on her website and her price seems suspiciously low.

    We are on the same type of budget, so the price is right.  If you find out anything about this particular coordinator, please post again!
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    My advice before hiring this planner (with below going rates) would be to ask very specific questions about her qualifications and experience.  There seem to be a lot of people out there wanting to break into the business because they planned their own wedding - that doesn't mean they have the experience to do the job, particularly if something goes wrong. 

    There's nothing wrong with bartering services with other knotties but if you are paying, you should have a professional with experience.
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    Dear Post:

    I am the owner of A Bride's Best Friends, and I wish I would've heard from you earlier LisaBean.  I was rated 'Best of 2011' by theknot.com, and I have reviews on yelp.com, wedplan.net, as well as a review from kgordenier, who posted in response to your question.  She actually booked me and was the one who posted the review on weddingwire.  If your wedding has already happened, I hope it was everything that you imagined it would be!  If not, please feel free to contact me for an initial consultation.  I have plenty of reviews that have just recently been posted, as well as testimonial letters sent directly to me from past brides.

    Just so everyone knows:  My prices are cheap because I can't charge what other people charge.  I know that my time is valuable, however I don't agree with taking advantages of brides/grooms and their hard earned money simply because they want to have a coordinator.  Everything gets expensive when 'bridal' is attached to it!  I personally think that is very unfortunate.  I like to feel like I give the majority of brides the opportunity to have a quality coordinator at a rate that doesn't break their budget. 

    If anyone has any other questions, please don't hesitate to contact us for an initial consultation.  Congratulations brides and grooms, and happy planning!  : )
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