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My reception site recommended Eric and DJ's Couture (formerly DJ's Unlimited) as a DJ service in the Milwaukee area. But I haven't been able to find many reviews about the company. Has anyone in the area used DJ's Couture recently? What did you think? I'm looking for a company lets me have as much (or as little) say in music and won't be one of "those DJs" who likes to be the center of attention and part of the party.

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    Haven't been on here in a while.  Many of my friends had used them years ago.  They were all GREAT!  Cool thing was they customize their reception to each couple.  My husband wanted a more selective list from most of our friends 'traditional weddings' and they delivered with no issues.  Plus, they aren't 'cheesy' with 'stupid games'...something I HATE!  Haven't been to as many lately since our 'circle' is all having kids now, but we did go to one in May and they were great as usual.  Wish we could have stayed, but had to leave at 11ish to go home to the kiddos.  Everyone seemed like they were having a blast.  Hope that helps?
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    That really does, thanks! I really liked them at the consultation but was worried about the lack of reviews. Knowing they aren't cheesy and that people seemed to be having a blast with them as late as May makes me feel much better.
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    You are welcome!  I need to get on here more, but just been tough with school, kids, etc.  LOL!  My hubby is friends with the owner (Eric) so I know a little more than most about the company so maybe I'm a little biased.   I know Eric has downscaled the business a little bit to fit more of his family lifestyle.  Plus, I remember him mentioning (haven't seen them in forever) that he wanted to know his clients better again, which I know was something they pride themselves on is customer service. 

    At our wedding, my hubby wanted more hip-hop/old school rap, and they did just that (not my 1st choice, but the crowd loved it).  Most of the other weddings I've been to they do play more of a mix, but again, just depends on the way you set up your music list.  When we got married, they just came out with that online list thing and my hubby LOVED it!  Glad I could help and good luck!
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