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Thanksgiving question!!

Where are you spending this Thanksgiving? Do you already have holiday traditions or will you be creating a new one this year?

What is your favorite thing to eat?!

And what football game will you be watching? :)

Re: Thanksgiving question!!

  • erolliserollis
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    Spending Thanksgiving day in Liberty Hill (just north of Leander) with my family. Saturday we will spend it with his family at a close family friends house. I think in Cedar park.

    Our family tradition is to have Thanksgiving at my parents then the next year at my aunts. Then the year after my aunts at my parents and so on. We have been doing this since I was little. Think it started when I was in first grade.

    Stuffing is my favorite thing to eat. I also love pumpkin pie.

    We will have a football game on just in case someone wants to watch it for a bit.
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  • sheadaysheaday
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    Since our wedding is next wkend, we're not doing much. We'll be seeing all of our friends and family next week so we're going to just stay put- watch the Cowboys, eat whatever is in the fridge and finalize the final wedding details. I have to work the Friday after Thanksgiving since I'm taking 3 weeks off for the wedding/honeymoon/vacation so we didn't want to do anything this year.
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    We are spending Thanksgiving with my FI's family in Lewisville (DFW area).  I can't say that we have any traditions other than watching the big game between A&M and TU on TV when it's in Austin or attending the game when it's in College Station.

    My favorite thing to eat is turkey. To me that's just part of the holidays and I love it so much because we really don't make one any other time of the year.

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    We will be celebrating at our house which has over the last 2 years become our tradition as my fiance is a chef so EVERYONE in the family wants him cooking dinner LOL. My favorite thing to eat at Thanksgiving has to be my moms chocolate peanut butter pie or my fiances ham that he makes mmmmmmmm mmmmmm cant wait till Thursday. Oh and we will be watching the Dallas Cowboys game. Hince that our wedding colors are navy silver and white.
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  • akg0053akg0053
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    This year it's FI's dad and step-mom's house. We don't do the whole switch off every year or holiday thing between our parents houses just because that can be difficult to keep track of, so we don't really have any set Thanksgiving traditions. 

    My favorite thing to eat is FI's artichoke stuffing. It's so good. I also have a pumpkin cheesecake recipe I absolutely love that I stumbled upon several years ago.

    We are both huge sports fans and will watch whatever games are on, but we really can't wait for A&M vs. UT! 
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    Sheaday-- Really you are getting married soon? hahah kidding. Are you stressing yet?!

    We are making Thanksgiving here in San Antonio at my fiance's place. This will be our first time to celebrate it together, as we were both with our families last year. I am excited because I am cooking the entire meal by myself. We are also having some military trainees come over to eat, because they can not go home for the holidays. Will be nice to give back to the community.

    I really love cranberries!!! The whole berry, not the jello one. It just tastes good on everything. :)

    And as for football-- I am really looking forward to the UT-A&M game. I don't go to ethier school but I think it is a long standing tradition to watch it no matter what.
    Hope you guys have a wonderful holiday and best wishes to you all!!
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    I did thanksgiving in October (I'm canadian.) We don't typically do much.  FI is going to be at his grandmother's in Austin, fielding awkward questions about why his extended family wasn't invited :)
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