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Hi ,I'm trying to book a photographer on a tight budget and I keep running into the same problem. How many prints are you looking for and how many hours. I have no Idea what too tell them. I don't want to say only 4 hours and not get every shot that would be wanted by family members and I also have no Idea how many prints I would need to get the main aspects of the wedding. For example getting ready, walking down Isle, Ceremony and so on. Does anyone have an Idea of what I should be looking for? Any help is greatly appreciated thank you.

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  • If you haven't already settled on a photographer, the one I'm using is extremely reasonable and great to work with so far!  She's helped me with all the questions i've had and works around YOU, which is great.  Her name is Alicia Gines, check her out, Alicia Gines Photography, tell her Diane reccomended you.  I had a ton of questions as I was clueless and she never once made me regret the decision to go with doesn't hurt her work is stunning...check out her website,you can see her work there.
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  • I was shocked that photographers, whom we met with 13 months or more before the wedding, wanted a day-of schedule. How was I supposed to know the time of a hair appointment more than a year in advance? You can't even book an international flight that early.

    We concentrated on photographers who gave us photos on a disk, so we didn't have to worry about an album and prints, and who had long, full-day coverage contracts. We ended up finding someone we like, who's less than $1K before taxes, who gives us full rights to images on a disk, and will shoot all day:

    Oops. Looks like he's raised his rates since we booked him. Still a great deal. We talked to a Rachel Levy, I think, who was twice as much but was the same sort of deal. And a David K and his wife - again, expensive, but fewer worries about albums and hours.
  • Thank you I will check them both out.
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  • We got ours on a cd with a release to print whenever we wanted. We also got a limited amounts of prints. I would look into having someone there for the whole day or at least the majority of the reception. 
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    Hi Heather,

    As a Wedding Photographer, I feel your pain. My only advise for you is to take control of your photographer interviews and let them know that you have questions that need answers before you can continue the interview. 

    Most often than not, you will find photographers who craft their business practices around different types of brides.... For instance:

    • The "Bride who know what she wants": The photographers have their set packages and the bride picks one like ordering off the menu.
    • The "Get it done bride": The photographers will have "all day" coverage for a single price with the mentality that their price will average out between the 6 hour weddings and the 12 hour weddings.
    Just keep true to what you concerns are and hopefully you will find a photographer that you enjoy and will help to make your day the best day possible.

    (P.S. I do travel to Tahoe :)   )
  • I didn't want any prints as of right now because we're in a temporary living situation and I didn't want to haul a bunch of large, framed images around.  But an album was a MUST HAVE!   If you've ever been able to compare a photo book from a consumer site (like Shutterfly) versus what a photographer has access to?  The difference is incredible!  The one thing I wanted was an album that would last a lifetime and you really can't get that using Shutterfly.  

    Luckily, we were able to get the package we wanted.  Just told our photographer what we were wanting and she gave us the price.  Easy peasy!  I know most have their set packages and whatnot, but most that I have encountered are willing to work with you, your needs, and your budget.  So maybe go into a meeting saying "This is my photography budget, can you work with that?" and just see what you get!

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  • I also recommend Alicia. She is affordable and her pictures are beautiful. She can make a book for you or you can make one yourself using Shutterfly.
  • We are also using Paul Schwarzenfeld. He is AMAZING! His rates can't be beat! Yes he has since raised his prices sinced we booked him but he is still incredibly reasonable. We get him for 12 hours on our wedding day, even though we won't need that long and we get a disk drive with ALL of our retouched images. I would rather print my own so it works perfectly. We have had our engagement pictures done already and they turned out WAY better than I expected. For all the time he put in the price is amazing. I would recommend him to everyone!
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