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Any good florist recommendations?? Some that are more moderately priced.

Re: Florists?

  • I'm glad that you posted your question about florists, too.

    I found out that a family friend (well, a former co-worker of my mom) is a florist part-time. 

    Has anyone used "Enjoy Flowers by Lewis Gowin?"
  • We went with Emmy Ray.  We also looked at village gardens, and don't bother.  Overpriced and not pretty at all!  Emmy Ray is amazing and so reasonably priced.  I just stumbled across her one day and I am so glad I did.  I think she will probably blow up this year and her prices will along with it because her work is impeccable.

  • We're working with Melody from the Mission Hy-Vee, she impressed us from the start.  I don't know anything about flowers, just showed her some pictures and she took it from there.  If I liked the look of certain flower and it was expensive she suggested something similar, but more affordable.  She's awesome!

  • Rosemary with Final Touch Studios does amazing work and she knows her flowers. She's got a great eye for floral style and interior decorating (think centerpieces).Tell her what you like & your budget, she can find something to make it work.
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  • Rhae Adams from Found in Nature.  She is somehow managing to give me everything I want for half my budget!  She is also amazing and spent more than an hour with me on the phone for my initial consultation. (I'm planning long-distance)
  • if you dont already have a florist i am an independent floral designer ( i do wedding as a side job) 
    and i can usually quote you lower than a lot of shops can.
    if your interested email me at [email protected] and we can set up a time to meet for a consultation 
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