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really nice surprise :)

So I have been trying to pay off the "little" things this past week. Including the cake.When I called they said the balance was all set. I was like "you must be mistaken". The girl said the owner wasn't in, so I stopped in there after work on Tuesday and sure enough the balance on our cake (around $300) was paid...

It turns out that my moms friend, who is coming to the wedding with her husband (her husband was my dad's groomsman!)... moved her offices to above the bakery. She has been doing a lot of construction and some landscaping to make the area look nice since its a new construction and the bakery offered her some $ for all the work she did to add to the facade of the building.
Instead she said "my niece (I'm not technically her niece)... is getting married and you are making her cake! how about instead of paying me, you put hte money towards their balance"

So my cake is all paid for. This was such a great surprise!
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Re: really nice surprise :)

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