For those headed to Phoenix for a dress...

I headed to Phoenix today with a couple of friends to reassure myself that I have the right dress. On word of mouth referrals from friends I went to 2 places; Suzanne's bridal in GIlbert, and Arizona Bridal Warehouse in Mesa...

Suzanne's was my first stop, the trip up was grueling and kind of scary, definitely much slower than it could have been given that it was raining pretty badly and Arizonans forget how drive when the road is wet...but I digress.  Due to weather & not knowing the area, realizing we'd be a bit behind I called the store to let them know. The front desk girl more than understood and was very nice..but..  We walked into the store and I was somewhat taken aback. It looked like a dump, just clutter and wedding/prom crap everwhere.  When my consultant walked up and introduced herself she gave a look that should have killed me where I stood.  She was very standoffish and acted like I was the worst inconvenience she'd ever faced.  Granted she did lighten up after we got started, but nothing changed the first impression. She dumped a bunch of dresses in my room and walked out telling me that once I was in one to call her and she'd come and zip/tie me up. Ok, fine, but every time she'd leave the dressing room she dissappeared from the area and I was left standing waiting for her! I was not impressed with the store nor was impressed by any of the dresses she pulled. Honestly even if I had decided on a 2nd dress there Id've made sure I didn't buy it from her. 

So finally, thankfully we left to Arizona Bridal Warehouse. Walking in there was a breath of fresh air, the store (as well as the staff) were neat and well put together..NO CLUTTER!!  My consultant was great and their dress selction was great too.  I really have no complaints about the store. I did notice though that there were little additional costs to a dress purchase there, such as having to pay $10 for a dress bag...REALLY?  They design and manufacture their own dresses (out of China...but doesn't everyone else?) so don't go in there with anything from a magazine because they won't have it. However, the have fits and styles and prices to fit nearly anyone.

Hope this helps, good luck to you!

Re: For those headed to Phoenix for a dress...

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    Most dress stores do charge for the dress bag...jsyk. I thought it was weird when it happened to me :/
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    Hi there!!!! Hey.... I just read your post!! Holy cow..... I had a very simular experience. Hated dress shopping. Lol 

    I am on her trying to get the word out about a local Tucson (and Phoenix) site to share info (and horror  If you'd ever want to check it out, here it is.... and we would LOVE to have you blog about this experience over there. Great info other brides could use....  Thanks!! And congratulations....!!
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    If you haven't purchased your dress yet, go to Laura's Bridal on Broadway in Tucson. The store is a bit cramped, but Sandy makes you feel like a million dollars. I found the dress of my dreams there and it was the first place I looked. I cant wait for my dress to come in. It wont be here until July 15.

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