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Just curious...

how many different places are yall registered at?

Im registered at 3.seems like a lot of duplicate items though..
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Re: Just curious...

  • 3 places. We do have a lot of duplicate items, but I figure if we do get duplicates, we pick which one we like better and return the other one! 

    I had a dream last night I had a bridal shower and got a bunch of random things, none of which were on my registries!! Like random pieces of dishware and silverware.. random toys and other things. Ha!
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  • Just 1. My FI originally didn't want gifts AT ALL and didn't want to register, until we had an engagement party and people bought all kinds of random stuff that we couldn't use. That convinced him.
  • 3 places - Bed, Bath, & Beyond, JC Penney, and a local store from where we're from called No Place Like Home.
  • 2--Macy's and Bed Bath and Beyond.

    We don't have any duplicates on the registeries..we just picked which place to pick the item from by where it was consistantly cheaper.
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  • 3 - Pottery Barn, Williams Sonoma and a local store called Quintessentials.

    We don't have any duplicate items.
  • 2 - BB&B and target.

    We don't have any duplicate items.  If both stores had the same item we wanted we kept the cheaper one listed and removed the other.
  • 3- REI, Amazon.com and Macys. We have way too little on our registries though.
  • 2 for us. There's a lot of duplicates as well
  • 2- Macy's and Bed Bath and Beyond

    Not any duplicates, I picked the place it was cheaper and/or more accessible
  • Target and JC Penney. We haven't had any duplicate stuff.
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  • one. bed bath beyond and asked for giftcards from some other stores
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  • 3 - Secret pampered chef one that only my mom knew about (she knew 3 people having parties and she didn't want to buy anything for herself), crate and barrel, macys.  We didn't duplicate anything.
  • Only one store, Macy's.  We don't need much, and felt like Macy's has everything we want to upgrade on (china, sheets, towels, etc).
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  • 2- Macys and Williams-Sonoma. There aren't any duplicates that I know of; maybe 1 or 2 kitchen tools that skipped my mind.

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  • We registered at both Bed, Bath and Beyond and WIlliams-Sonoma. We do have some duplicates in case one store is more accessible than other to people. We have updated the registeries as we get gifts.
  • 2...no duplicates

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  • 3 - Macy's, JC Penny and Target. For  Target I just wanted the completion discount for the television in case anyone didn't buy it which we highly doubt they will. We have it budgeted to make the purchase after the wedding.
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  • Just one- BB&B we found everything we needed there so we didn't see a need to go register anywhere else.

  • 2- BBB and Kohl's.

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  • We have 4--Kohls, Wal-Mart, Target and Macy's.  Most of the items are at Wal-Mart and Target.  Kohl's just has a few things and Macy's was just for my the Chirp plates I LOVE.
  • 3- Macys, Kohls and Target.... our Target registry is TINY.... if I could find replacements for everything on there I would just get rid of it!
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  • 3 - Home Depot, BB&B, Amazon.com. No duplicates.

  • 4--Target (will be SMALL), bed bath and beyond, a local artistians store, and registered for dinnnerware with a friend who is does pottery :)
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    This exaclty!

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    [QUOTE]2 - BB&B and target. We don't have any duplicate items.  If both stores had the same item we wanted we kept the cheaper one listed and removed the other.
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  • 3 -- Macy's, Target, and Belk.

    All of my fiance's family lives in Alabama, and the closest Target & Macy's to them is about an hour away.  I went ahead and registered at Belk because there is one only 15 minutes away and I knew it would be easier for them.  
  • Macy's, Target, Amazon.com.   We didnt duplicate the same items on multiple.
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