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Hey Ladies-

This isn't wedding related but I figured it couldn't hurt to ask.  I just moved from Washington DC with my FI to Meridian, MS (yes- FI is a marine and major culture shock!) and was wondering if there were any brides-to-be out there?  I'm finding it a little difficult to meet girls-- and I left some fabulous girlfriends back home.  Just thought this might be the place to find ladies in similiar situations- or even some local girls who can give me the scoop on Meridian!  I'm an older bride (well older by Mississippi standards from what I can gather)-- 33!  Everyone I've met seems to be on baby #3 at my age!  Any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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    Although I am native of Missisisppi (jackson area) my fiance is currently located in Meridian (Navy jet fighter).  We are getting married this Christmas and I will be leaving the city to head out that way.  I do not know a lot about Meridian, but from what I can tell, its slightly behind on times.  I do not mean this offensive to anyone from the area, but the movie theater doesn't even have stadium seating.  What it lacks in business, it makes up for in people.  So far I have meet great people from the area!  I think we are only going to be stationed in Meridian for about another year before moving to... well who knows where!  I'd be happy to help you out with any other questions you may have :) 
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    Hola Mary & Tracy,

    Tell me about it. I am also new to Mississippi. I relocated in April 2010 from the beautiful island of Puerto Rico. I now live in Long Beach, MS which is not bad at all. I have never been to Meridian but my husband just told me that we are four hours away. Anyway I have something in common wit Mary since my husband is a Corporate Chief Pilot for Mississippi Power and that is the reason why I live here. Let me know if any of you ever make it to the Coast either to (Biloxi, Long Beach, Gulfport, etc) Good Luck!

    Mary....Congrats and God bless your marriage! I am a Professional Certified Weddings and Social Events Planner so let me know if you have any questions.

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    Hey everyone! I'm a little late to this thread, but I'm also new to Mississippi. Just moved here about a month ago from California (moved to Gulfport, FI is in the Navy)- would love to chat w/ you ladies, I'm looking to meet some new friendly people out here :)

    P.S. We're getting married in January back home in CA, but doing most of the planning from here.
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    Hey everyone! My fiance and I just moved to Columbus in May and he works at the Air Force Base here. We just got engaged this past weekend in Chattanooga and it was beautiful! But we will be planning the wedding here in MS, but the wedding will be in Ohio, where both of us are from. Hopefully it won't be too stressful!
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    Born and raised in Meridian. Still here. Getting married at 32. Most ladies do marry young here, but there are still a few holdouts like me. :) Glad to give any advice or point you in a direction if you still need it
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    Born and raised just outside of Jackson. I'm a little older than the norm (26). The biggest piece of advice that I can give you for dealing with MS brides is that most of us are very traditional, and therefore, most of the people you will deal with in planning the wedding will be geared towards the traditional. Are you getting married in Meridian?

    The MS board is incredibly slow, so feel free to chat if you need anything!
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    Hello ladies,

    My FI and I just moved to Brandon, MS (outside Jackson) from Indianapolis.  We are also untraditional brides (I'm 28 and he is 29) he has been here since last April and I just followed this Christmas when I finished my masters.  We have had the hardest time making friends.  I am currently looking for a job so haven't been able to get out and make a lot of friends; however, we have noticed that most couples are age have small children.  We moved from downtown Indy and have had so much trouble finding recreational activities.  In addition, we are planning our Indy wedding from MS but I have a very involved MIL so she has been a godsend.  Would love to meet other 20-30somethings couples .

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