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Addressing Pocketfold Invites

For those of you sending out pocketfold style invitations - how are you addressing them? Are you having an inner envelope? I wasn't planning on using an inner envelope but now I don't know how I am going to do "and guest", individual family members' names, etc. Anyone else thought this part through?

Re: Addressing Pocketfold Invites

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    Hi there!
    Just finished my invites and mailed them.
    I did use pocketfolds from Envelopper, Inc. I just sent them out in an envelope-no inner envelope.  There really were not any inner envlopes that worked with the pocketfolds.  For invites...I just addressed it to the names  & tried to find out the guest's name.  In cases where the person didn't know...I just put "and Guest".  I am not inviting kids so the invites were just for couples or singles.  In order to make sure that people knew we weren't inviting entire families (if they had kids), we put a  _____ of _____ on the reply card and fillled in the 2nd blank with the number of invited guests.   I was told by a invitation designer that inner envelopes (although custom) are no longer mandatory.  I have certainly seen other pocketfold invites w/ no inner envelopes.  

    Hope this helps-good luck!  
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    We did not use an inner envelope, but we did specify on the outer envelope exactly WHO was invited. No ambiguity in the wording

    The other thing we did (because our invites were custom and we have 100% control over the text and design) was to list each person's name on the RSVP card with a field for each person's "accept" or "decline." This also worked out well for our meal choices, so that we knew exactly which person wanted each entree.

    It worked beautifully!
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