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johita23 and any other Lake House Reception Center Brides

I've been wondering how your wedding turned out? I am also a Lake House Bride and we were discussion the bad reviews online...how did the wedding turn out? I bet it was beautiful! If you get a chance, I'd like to see some pictures. You can either private message me or post on here, if you don't mind.

Congrats! I hope you had an awesome day

(If any other brides had their wedding at Lake House, I'd love to see pictures!)

Re: johita23 and any other Lake House Reception Center Brides

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    hello SE+MB!! Your day is coming up! Hope you're enjoying the planning! I can PM all the details you may think of asking, but let me post here for the benefit of other Lake House brides. And sorry, I just saw this question today!

    I haven't done any reviews on my vendors, though I really know I should. The Lake House especially; they were great! And here we were all scared of a few awful reviews. My experience with them was not perfect, but in the end, I really couldn't give you a single, real complaint. They were a little too aggressive about the payments, but I was on top of things with a spreadsheet with my per person itemized budget. I sent that to them, gave final count a week or two before, and everything was set. I actually thought communication was pretty good, especially with me being in Chicago. We were emailing back and forth, pictures, thoughts, budgets, questions. They seem to be a little anal about things, but their rules aren't ridiculous.

    The day of, I just had to show up. Everything was taken care of. The place was so beautiful... I had the afternoon slot (1:30-5) and the light was awesome. The food was great, according to everybody. The place clean, and the waiting staff was not at all unfriendly like some girls had at their weddings. At least, not a single guest
    had a complaint that got to my ears. All I heard from my guests about the place was praise.

    As the bride, possibly my favorite thing was that Ramsey was there for me every step of the way. Rehearsal and wedding day. Even helped with the bustle...! These guys know what they're doing. I felt I was taken care of, and that was one of the best things.

    I'll just got my pictures back in February, so I have much to share. I just need to find the time!

    If you want more details just let me know!

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    You look beautiful! I'm so glad you had an awesome experience! My wedding is in May and I'm so excited. I'd love to see your pictures, when you have a chance. I'm going to private message you my email.

    One question, what time did you show up? I'm also doing the 1:30 - 5 time slot and they aren't really clear about what time I would be able to get into the dressing room.

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    You can use the Bride Room for up to 1 hour before the ceremony. I got there at 12 because my bridesmaids and I were working that clock like the military. We had many allowances for delays, and everything went smoothly, so we ended up arriving early. There was no one before us, so I was there and settled before the scheduled time.

    When I got there my mom and [now] mother-in-law were there with friends and they were setting up the place around that time. I got ushered into the Bride Room for pictures and to hide from the groom. I arrived fully dressed though. One hour was not enough in my mind, so I dressed early and just kind of hung out. There's a back door if you remember, so the groomsmen hid the groom inside and we were able to go on the balcony and take pics since there was not a whole lot to do.

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    To be clear, 12:30 was when they said I could use it. But like I said, I arrived early and was still able to use it. And my mom was already there, decorating!
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    Was the place unlocked? We're planning on taking all pictures before the ceremony (including bride and groom pictures) and I just want to make sure if I show up at like 12 they will be opened. They said it should be but they can't make promises. It doesn't really help me though. lol
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    Great idea! We didn't have time to eat as we were outside taking pictures after the ceremony. But unfortunately I don't know for sure.
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