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Couple's Shower?

Has anyone out there planned a couple's shower?  I am not a traditional bride, so did not want a typical shower, and decided to go the couple's shower route.

I'm just curious as to how it was layed out and how you went about it.  Were the groomsmen just as involved with the planning and execution of it as the bridesmaids were?  Is it ok to expect them to be? 

We want to do just a simple barbeque/corn roast type event in his parents giant back yard and patio.  Lawn games, keg of beer, some good corn and meat on the grill, other side dishes, some good music and some good friends. 

How did you decide who did what?  Who contributed what, etc?  I know for a bridal shower, the bridesmaids typically handle everything but I'm assuming this is different.  Help!!

Re: Couple's Shower?

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    I only went to one couple's shower.  I was the MOH, but the groom's mom did everything.  I was flat broke at the time, so I took care of the Bachelorette Party, and the groom's mom and bride's mom each threw a shower.  But in your case, maybe have the groomsmen be in charge of grilling (steaks, hamburgers, etc.) and getting all the materials because guys typically like that, and have the bridesmaids in charge of decor, games, etc.
  • KatieD212KatieD212 member
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    I have never been to a couple's shower, although it sounds fun! But I am standing up in a wedding this summer and while the bride has her bridal shower, her FI is having a "Man Bath".....I've never heard of it, I think they made it up- but the guys are probably just going to drink and I have no idea what else they are doing? Just sounded strange to me!
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    I am having a couple's shower at the end of may. I decided that that was the route I wanted to go because I dont really care to be the center of attention and I thought it would be fun to have a party for the two of us :)
    My maid of honor and my mother are planning it because it happens to be in our home town, but otherwise i dont think there is a specific person who is really responsible for taking care of it because its a little out of the ordinary. I think you should do as we did and talk to people in your wedding party and your parents and just see what is convenient and which people are willing to help.
    Its neat to know someone else is doing this, too!!
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    I did not want a bridal shower. My mom and MOH's (I have 2 MOH) were adament about throwing one for us. I said ok, but with my stipulations. A couple's shower, laid back, pizza and a keg and NO shower games or anything froo froo. My mom and MOH's are throwing us a shower at my mom's house in her back yard in July. It's a luau theme, with a keg and a pig roast. Some backyard games like horse shoes and ladder golf. So pretty much a backyard bbq but it's a shower. I am the same way. I do not want to be the center of attention or sitting with a 100 ladies playing games in a hall. That's fine for some people, but not me. The groomsmen aren't involved in the planning for the shower. Let your wishes be known to who ever is throwing you the shower. Also, my friend had a couple's shower at her mom's house with a Jimmy Buffet theme. It was absolutely the best shower i had ever been to. HTH Please keep us updated :o)

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    My mom plans on throwing us a couple's shower, in addition to other friends and family members throwing me girly ones as well. I think it is a great idea - we plan on inviting the bridal party and their significant others, along with their parents (we're a tight knit group!), our siblings, and the parents. We are having it catered but just fun finger foods so we can all relax and get to spend time together.
  • lwogslandlwogsland member
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    we're having a couples shower..as im not a shower type of girl..
    the bridesmaids and mob and mog planned it and supplied food, covered costs

    the groomsmen will be there

    there will be tons of food (filling food that guys would appreciate..)
    its at a park...so theres ball diamonds, etc
    minimal games..just a couple that are fun for both sexes (i didnt want any)

    more of a focus on get together than the couple
  • sameagansameagan member
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    We are doing a little of both... Since my August shower is expected to be quite large my MOH and my FMIL decided to do a girl only beginning part of the shower.... cheese and wine tasting with few games and then have the guys come in at the end for the opening of the gifts. After the shower the BM and brother of the groom have planned a gathering for anyone who is willing... beer and brats are on the todo list.

    I'm not all about showers either... I just can't get over the fact that I am not domestic and would be the one accepting all of the household and kitchen stuff, as if I was. Plus, my FI and I both agreed that the gifts would be for both of us and both of us should accept them... So in the end I completely support couple showers, but I agree with jcrew_shopaholi... let the party plan stuff that interests them.
  • pengee1pengee1 member
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    So for some reason, even though I'm watching it, I never got the responses to this, and of course forgot I posted it!  Wow.  I'm losing it!  So thank you everyone that responded.   So far things are coming along...... the bridesmaids and moms are pretty much planning it all out and are responsible for the side dishes and such.  The boys are bringing the beer, the corn and the meat.   There will be lawn games, and once it gets dark - a big bonfire.   I will keep ya'll posted as to how it actually turns out!   July 17th...... 

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