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Bridal Shower - who is invited?

My MOH has asked me for my invitation list for my bridal shower.  Do I invite EVERYONE? I have only included people who are invited to the wedding, didn't invite coworkers who are invited to the wedding (will be having a seperate shower), didn't invite out of state guests, and didn't invite childhood friend of FI (I have only met her once). 

It came to about 40 people.  Does this sound right? I don't necessarily see all of these people often, but is it proper etiquette to invite everyone?


Re: Bridal Shower - who is invited?

  • Are you having only one for both sides?  I would keep it to close friends and family members personally, but I've seen some girls on here with a 40 count.  Also, ask your MOH how many she feels comfortable hosting.  40 may be way out of her range since that means more mouths to feed and probably not hosting at her home.

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    Invite the MOB, MOG, grandmothers and sisters of the B&G, bridal party, close relatives and dearest friends. It's not necessary to invite every woman who will be invited to your wedding. You should ask your host how many guests she would like you to include on the shower guest list.
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    Yes, it would be my side, his side, and friends.

    She did say 40 was ok.  Do I just go ahead then?
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    Yes. If those are the people that you really want and your host is okay with it, give her the list. Your MOH is a very generous. 
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    That she is :) She will have help from the rest of the bridal party and a few of my family members, but she is the host!! 

    I am getting really excited now! :)
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    I had 40 on the bridal shower list for my side only.  We tried for one shower, but it just wasn't going to work out.  But I think that as long as your hostess is willing to work with the number you gave her and you genuinely want to celebrate a shower with those people, go for it.

  • I am the MOB as well as the MOH....Our daughter will be getting married 3 months from today.  Her furture Mother in law gave her a jack n jill shower 2 years ago...Story is, she was to marry 2010 but called it off, but is now marrying the same man.  I wanted to do something special as another bridal shower....thoughts?? time is getting close.
  • My shower list has about 50 guests on it: all local female family members and friends that are invited to the wedding. My bm and fmil are planning the event.  I just saw my invitation today that my bm is making and it is so cute.

    People not invited: all oot guests... just not possible for them to fly in for a shower and then the wedding. No men. People not on the wedding list.
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