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XP: Who to put in the "Given By" line of the shower invites

Hi ladies,

I am the MOH in my best friend's wedding and the shower is being held at my house at the end of April. I am working on the invites and I am wondering who I should put on the "Given By" line; I am buying the wine and deco for the shower, and both of the BMs are bringing food. There is a group gift and I will be purchasing it.

Who is technically giving the shower? Should I write "X's Bridal Party"? Or should I put my own name?


Re: XP: Who to put in the "Given By" line of the shower invites

  • My shower is being given by my parents (its co-ed) and my MOH. We wrote Mr. and Mrs. so and so, and so and so. It made everyone feel included. My other BMs aren't contributing financially so we felt they didn't need their names included. 
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  • One of the biggest reasons to put a name on the invite is so that the guests know who to RSVP to! Just put Katie, Megan, and Pam, or The Wedding Party and put RSVP to Katie at ...
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