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What is the average cost for an officiant??

We're not really affiliated with a church and don't have anyone we know in mind to (that is also ordained) marry us. I was looking into booking an officiant but the cost seems high to me ($500-$800). What is the average cost is you need to hire an officiant? I would guess a Justice of the Peace is cheaper but is that a bad route to go? Please help!! Thanks! 

Wedding is October 2012 :) 

Re: What is the average cost for an officiant??

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    Anywhere from about $50 - $800 depending on where you live, how far your officiant has to travel, and how much work they put into your ceremony.  If they meet with you several times and help you write a customized ceremony, then travel 30-45 minutes to your wedding, you'll pay more than just showing up at a JOP office and using the generic script.   Some JOPs might travel to your location for $200-$300 (again, depending on where you live).

    Remember that the officiant is the ONE PERSON you will hire for your wedding who makes actually getting married possible.  Photographers and DJs are optional, yet we think nothing of paying them MUCH more than officiants charge.  Just something to think about.
  • Our church has a fee of $1000 to reserve for the wedding, but the priest doesn't actually charge anything for his services. However, it's customary in my area to give the priest a gift of around $200.
  • In Northern Central Florida I paid $350 for an officiant. 
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  • I would say about $300-$400 here is about average.
  • This was very helpful, thanks!!
  • I live in SC and we're paying $200 for our's including having her at the rehersal.
  • Ours is $400 including a rehearsal.

    Have you looked into the Ethical Society? I know Philadelphia has a large one, and the one in St. Louis has members who perform secular ceremonies. We have been really happy with them.
  • We're paying a $200 donation to our officiant
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    We paid $250 in West Chester and this included the rehearsal.  If you look on the Philly local board, I recently told someone else how to get ahold of our officiant.  It's under "Officent for March wedding"


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  • I live in SC as well, who was your officiant? 
  • I'm in ohio and our officiant is $150 we are also adding 15% as a tip so altogether were paying $175.
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