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So FMIL sent me an email today with a bunch of address updates. Some are from divorce and some are from kids moving out on their own. I sent STD's out back in September and again in December, his side and then my side, my mom didn't have all of her cousins addresses. I feel like I need to send STD's to these new addresses because some of these people don't get STD's the first time around. We're sending out invites in 6-7 weeks, should I just hold off and wait until then?
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Re: New addresses

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    You don't have to send STDs to every guest. I would just send your invitations like normal and skip sending out STDs this late.

  • I agree - don't send out more Save The Dates - just send out the invites.
  • I wouldn't bother sending out another round of STD.
  • My parents are sending our STD for some reason since they said people are already planning vacations since it is MDW. I told them I am sending invites out March 1st but my parents won't take no for an answer so they are the ones. I guess I can see why they are for MWD any other I wouldn't.
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  • Well our wedding is on a Sunday, which is why I'm sending out invites a few weeks early. I have the STD's available, but I guess it doesn't matter too much. I just liked our std because it had our pictures on them.
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