Hey everyone,

I need some help-I am definitely not major creative and I need some help with my wedding ideas!

I am having my wedding in downtown Detroit- my theme is Vintage/Old Fashioned Detroit as well as very romantic and elegant. 

I was wondering if anyone could give me some ideas about decorating, favors, anything that would be AMAZING with my theme! I just can't think of anything!

Thanks so much!


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    You may want to post this on your local board.  I can talk vintage New York, LA, Philadelphia and San Francisco but I don't have any idea what constitutes vintage Detroit.  All I can think of is Motown.
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    This isn't really considered a favor but you could serve Faygo in the glass bottles. We've ordered cases of it from Discount Drinks in Wyandotte but I'm sure you could order in bulk at any liquor store.

    You could also put candy in car boxes or license plate cookies with your date as the plate #.

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    All I think of when I hear or see Faygo is ICP lol I have nothing of value to add sorry.
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    Maybe you can try to find online or at the library old pictures or advertisements of classic Detroit landmarks (some of which are still around and some no longer exist), like the train station, Hudsons, the Olympia, the Fox Theatre, etc.?  That might help a lot with your theme and decor.  Also, depending on how vintage you're talking, maybe include something related to classic luxury cars from a particular era, and maybe, for example, have model versions of these cars as centerpieces.

    For food...well, I'm not sure how Faygo can be made to be elegant and romantic lol, although you can make a really tasty punch from mixing fruit punch flavored and orange flavored Faygo pop.  Another suggestion may be to have a Sanders chocolate fountain (I miss Sanders hot fudge!).

    I'm originally from Detroit (born and raised in the city and my relatives still reside in metro Detroit) so I loove your idea.  Have you chosen your reception venue, and if so, is that going to be part of the theme too?
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    There is a store in the Fisher Building that has all things Detroit, including old postcards and books if you want to get some ideas.

    However, I agree with the prior poster: put this up on the Detroit board, and you should get tons of ideas. The ladies are very nice, and clever.
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