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Have you gone over your original budget?

Yikes.  Yiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiikes.

I just updated our budget and we are officially 10k over.  How in the heck does that happen!?  That is including everything....down to tips, honeymoon, rings and everything in between.  And it is also a large over exaggeration.  IE:  I calculated for 185 people when we are inviting 186 (maybe 160 if we cut the second cousins), the high end of our alcohol and paying for the attendants tuxes/dresses and hair/makeup which we won't be covering, but still.  I also planned our original "budget" at a pretty low number on purpose because I knew we'd be able to save more so we are still OK in the financial aspect but   eeeeeeeepp.

Sigh.  I need a drink.

Anybody else?

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Re: Have you gone over your original budget?

  • Oh my goodness. Yes. We had grandiose visions of keeping it minimalistic and "small" -- fast forward to today, we're about double the original budget...oops!!
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  • Ughhhh I hate looking at the budget!  We originally planned on having a 10K wedding... but now we've decided 20-25K including everything (wedding, rehearsal dinner, and honeymoon)!  I'm hoping its A LOT less but I think we've already reach 10 and we aren't really working off a budget... ooops!  I keep telling FI he HAS to help me write a budget but it's soooo hard to get him to do it and I hate thinking about it! This is a must do on our list for next week since we are in saving mode for both the wedding and for buying a house (although we have 8 months after the wedding to keep saving for a house)! 

    I have really got to start couponing so I can save on my daily living expenses to make the money up somehow! haha
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  • I'm always up for a drink!

    We're over my original estimate by $1k when we decided to do a paid honeymoon (my parents offered their timeshare, but we wanted something...more for our HM, especially since this is our first real vaca alone together).  I've managed to wheel and deal and have gotten most things under budget, but we'll see what happens at the end!
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  • Yes. We were over very quickly. I set a budget for our wedding at $8,000.00 and just with our food and my dress we were already at $6,000.00. So we changed our budget to $15,000 i know big jump, but our thought is were only having one big wedding we might as well get what we want. After figuring out everything we have left to pay we around probably going to come in right around 13k. Lower than our new budget but still higher than we wanted to be.
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  • We never set a budget because we didn't have any saved so we just been paying as we go which has gone really well and I feel like we have spend a lot less on things than I had originally written down.
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  • UGH i hear you!  our orginal budget was 15 - 20 and I wanted to tray to stay towards 15 but now it looks like we are heading towards 25,000 
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  • We are sitting pretty good currently. We went over by about 800 on our photographer, but saved a couple hundred on invitations and other stationary so we are balancing out fairly well. It looks like the amount I had for a bouquet though was grossly under estimated, but I'm still searching for other florists so maybe I can get that back in line. When we first started out it was at 10k, but quickly realized that was not happening with 320 people and adjusted to 15k. We have been doing well sticking within the revised budget so I now think of that as the original. Anything to make it seem better in my own mind.
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  • We're right on budget so far but the original budget was BIG.  It's SO expensive to get married around here! 
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  • Luckily we haven't had to put too many deposits down, but we did go over budget on the photographer.  But good pictures are worth the money!  I stayed in line for my dress and shoes.  The one quote I have on flowers is very reasonable- I may add more roses!  But FI and I are sooo lucky that his dad, my parents and now my grandmother have offered to help us out.  But we still have a long way to go.
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  • I do not have an official budget ... Working in it very soon though ... My flowers I know are going to be on the low end , my dress itself was on the lower end, my shoes will be low for sure Dj not falling to high but I really need to put it all on paper ...
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  • We originally through we could get married for about $6000.  Thankfully in that first month when we started going through average costs we immediately raised that to $10,000 to be realistic.  I've been working my arse off at a 2nd job to save money for the wedding so all of that money goes right to savings.  As of right now we are projected to be about $300 over budget, but a lot of the things that I don't know how much will cost I've estimated on the higher side to be safe.  But we really don't know how much it will cost in the end. (For instance we're purchasing all of our own beer & wine, my dress alterations, gifts for our attendants & parents and budgeting for tips). 

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  • I too started with a smaller budget of 6,000 but had to quickly raise it to 8500. I'm thinking I will be about 500 over budget not including the honeymoon which we are taking at a later time due to my work schedule
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  • We started off with a high budget because we knew it was going to be expensive to be married in the city of Boston.  My parents are taking care of our venue and food (FI family is doing the bar) so we took those things off our budget.

    We haven't figure things out 100% but it looks like we might come in just under budget.  My dress was under budget and by using Vistaprint, we saved A LOT on stationary.  So that's always a good thing!  We'll see how everything comes in at the end.

    From the beginning, I had a savings account that was dedicated to the wedding.  Everything we've committed to thus far I already have the money to cover it (I'd be broke but at least I'd be covered).  We're paying for a lot as we go which is nice and I'm hoping not to have to take out too much from that account.

  • I planned for $20K and bugeted for $15K.  I think I am at $13K right now and am pretty estatic about that!
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  • My beginning budget was about 5000 and now we are at about 7000 (without including what our parents have said they will paid for just incase). AND I think I convinced Jared into taking a honeymoon which Im pretty super excited about so that raises our budget even more. Oh well it will be worth it

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  • I think we're still on budget.  We're saving like crazy so that we don't take out loans and we opened a high yield savings account to get a few hundred more dollars from the interest by the time the wedding is almost here.  We're both big about not getting into debt.  So we'll be spending a lot but we will be able to use the American Express and pay it off in full using savings so we earn some flier miles.
  • We originally planned for keeping it under 10k but now are trying to keep it under 15k. We are deciding to changer caterers and I'm still waiting on his quote but hopefully it will be about the same or maybe even under since it is the biggest part of our budget. Good food and alcohol is very important to us so it's about half of our total budget. 
  • We will be cutting it close. I have been going over in some categories and cutting back in others to compensate. For example, our decor is expensive due to my love for big florals, so we cut back on our DJ cost by going with someone who is new to the scene and by cutting our limo to a party bus. I'm not happy with the party bus per se, but like my FI said- only our party will know the difference and no one remembers a wedding for its wonderful limo!

  • I originally said not a penny over 10K, but after talking with venues I realized that for the things I wanted, we were going to need to increase the budget - so now its 13K, and we are at just over 11K all in - so really not too bad.
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