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How is everyone doing on RSVPs?

Since we are all starting to get close to our rsvp by date, how is everyone doing on getting them returned? My rsvp date is the 13th of June so less than 2 weeks left and I only have 25% back. I am getting kind of frustrated. My mom just told me I will have to "guesstimate" how many will come. I am NOT guesstimating 75% of my attendance. What is everyone's plan for finding out about those individuals that do not send their rsvp back?
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image 331 invited image 107 are ready to party image 96 are missing out image 128 can't find the mailbox rsvp's due back June 30th!

Re: How is everyone doing on RSVPs?

  • Calling/emailing them. Mostly calling. Our RSVP date it June 24th and we've received about 15% back. Frustrating, but I know I'm always a last minute RSVPer so....
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  • We actually have about 80% back, and our RSVP date is this coming Saturday, so I shouldn't have to call too many folks. I'm going to start the calling sometime next week, a few days after the deadline has passed.
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  • I have a 1/3 back and I have 2 weeks to go.  We are starting to get some no's in, at the beginning it was all yes's.  I'm hoping we get a lot more in the next 2 weeks before my deadline.  My deadline is the 15th, I will start calling on Tuesday to give those who sent me the RSVP on the last day a few days to get to me.  I will be calling everyone that doesn't give me an answer.  I'm kind of annoyed, most of my BP (including my parents) haven't sent them in, you know you are coming, pick a meal and just get on with it!

  • Our RSVP date is June 16 and we are at exactly 50% responded which is still frustrating. I have lots who have told me verbally they are coming but haven't actually RSVP-ed yet (i.e. none (I repeat--NONE) of the groomsmen have RSVPed). I'm going to give them through this week and then do some friendly reminding. Is it bad to start reminding before the RSVP date?
  • Our RSVP date was Friday and we are still missing nearly a third of our RSVPs. I'm hoping to get some back this week. I'm going to wait until a week from now to start calling and emailing people who haven't responded.  I can't believe how many people didn't answer! 
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  • Our RSVP date is June 15th.  We have about 70% returned, with only 5 declines.  Yikers,  we have a 77% of the invited people coming. 

    I am going to call/text/email people on the Tuesday following the 15th.
  • Our RSVP date is July 7th, 3 weeks before our wedding. So far 19/226 invited guests have RSVP'd, and they all said yes!  The invitations got to people this past Friday or Saturday though, depending on location, so people have responded very quickly (online).

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    Our RSVP deadline is 6/20 and we're at almost 50% so far. I have a feeling we're going to have to call a few people to get them to send it in.  Apparently a few of my FI groomsmen didn't even realize they had to send theirs in since they're in the wedding and obviously going.
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  • We have 33% of ours in...25/75 rsvp's returned...last day June 23rd..we'll wait 2 or 3 days after that to find out if they are coming or not.  We'll call, message on FB, have our parents call, etc.
  • My RSVP date is June 22 and I have about 50% back. I am hoping to get most of the rest by the deadline and contact the rest right away. 90% of the rsvps I need are from FI's family and friends so I plan on asking him to remind them a couple days before the deadline that I need the card sent back instead of a verbal yes or no.
  • Our RSVP dealine is 6/22 and we've received just over 1/4 of responses back.  I have a feeling we'll be making lots of calls....
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  • Our RSVP deadline is 6/16 and we have 70% of them back right now. We've only had a handful of days since we mailed them on 5/4 where we haven't received an RSVP. I think our guests are doing pretty well!
  • Our RSVP date is June 28th for our July 28 wedding and we currently have just over 1/6 of our invites back.....we still have a long time ago, but I anticipate that we willl be making lots of phone calls!!

    We plan to have the person closest to the guest make the call. My parents will call their friends and the family members they are closest to, same for fiance's parents, and we will take care of our closest friends.  I think calling is the most personal way to get in touch with people - texting or emailing or facebooking can seem impersonal, and it's easier to take someone's tone in the wrong way over an electronic message. I don't want guests to think that we are mad at them, which is why we plan to call and be nice about it. 
  • Our RSVP date is not until July 1st and we already have 86/262 so not bad!  If we have a ton missing we will be making phone calls after the RSVP date!
  • We have received about 63% of our rsvps back.  Our rsvp date is June 20th we will start calling people on june 25th for their response.  We are contacting our friends and our parents are responsible for tracking down the family members and their friends.  I am hoping with still 16 days to go we don't have many missing.
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  • Our date isn't til July 1st and we've gotten almost 40% back now.

    On Friday we got NO mail. NOTHING at all! I was so depressed haha. I checked the mailbox twice!

    I'm hoping we don't have to track some people down, but I think we will have to. If they are deaf- we will send them an e-mail or text message. If they are hearing, we'll just make a call.
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  • Ha - Amanda we have the same issue, only it's also my BMs! They were like, why do you need my RSVP? I was like, DID YOU EVEN READ THE INVITATION? We need your entree and we need to know about whether or not you'll be on the bus, and if you're attending the brunch. There are 3 sections to fill out! Seriously!?

    Oh. RSVP is June 14th, we have about 50% back, a lot more declines than I expected which makes me happy because we reallllllllly ended up going overboard with the invitations. We have the space and budget, but I wanted a smaller wedding!
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  • I have ALL my rsvp's in. We posted on fb although I know how everyone has expressed on here how tacky that is, we called, we texted, we emailed. We did whatever way we knew to contact certain people. We are not phone people. I talk to my grandma and mom and FI mom on the phone, everyone else is seriously through email or fb. Easier for me since I am home with 2 kids and people dont want to hear kids going nuts and me having to stop mid conversation to help them. Also some people we invited we only speak to through fb unless they are at a functions and we are hanging out.  But in the end it got all my rsvps in only 2 days after the date listed on the invites. 
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  • Our rsvp deadline date is June 22nd and right now we have about 50% in. My Fi's side is rsvping way faster than mine. I'm thinking because for my side it's about 2 hours away, so they have to decide if they are driving from LA to SD and hotels and stuff. So far we have 90% rsvp yes rate.
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  • Our date is the 23rd...we were late with sending them out in the first place, but still gave more than 3 weeks to respond.

    So far we have 10% back, which isn't too terrible since most of them went 900+ miles. All we have back so far are from the New England area...so mostly "no"s, though we weren't expecting them to make the trip to Indiana anyway. Our RSVPs also include our second reception, so we do have a few "yes"s for that! I know some Indiana ones will be rolling in this week, though! We got 2 from within town on Saturday, and 7 more today, so hoping it keeps up!
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