A seemingly impossible mission... ceremony site help!

My finacee and I are getting married in the Portland area and already have a reception venue.  However, we need to find a site to actually get married!!!  We are getting married in earily May so it definitely needs to be indoors.  Here's the catch - my finacee is not all that interested in getting married in a church and only considers a non-denominational church a last resort. That being said, we have looked into local parks that have indoor facilities and are willing to have our guests drive from the ceremony site to the reception site (my requirements are that it must be an easy drive and not too long).  We will be having around 120 guests.  Does anyone have any ideas?

Thank you for your help!

Re: A seemingly impossible mission... ceremony site help!

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    is there any reason you can't have the ceremony and reception at the same place??
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    I'm with Kizat. We did that for our wedding and it worked out great. The guests loved not having to drive all over the place!
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    Ditto having the ceremony and reception in the same place.  Barring that, we'll need to know where the reception is so we can give ideas on ceremony sites.
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    Is it the atmosphere of the church he doesn't like or the religious part?  There are churchs for rent that are used for events, not religious services.

    Two examples are the Old Church downtown and The Chapel at the Academy in Vancouver.
    Where is the reception?  That might help us make suggestions for the ceremony.
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    You need to go check out Jenkins Estate, their stable house is really amazing for a reception. You can have an indoor-outdoor reception choice, or just indoor. 

    Plus because its city owned you don't pay a tip if you go with their catering. 

    You also have the option of having the ceremony there too. 

    Jenkins Estate is in Beaverton, OR 20 minutes from downtown.

    We looked at 20 venues across Oregon, this was our favorite, lots of picture potential too. Very rustic and vintage like. 

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    We looked into the forestry center for our reception, but they do ceremonies too. http://worldforestry.org/facility-rental/events-spaces.html

    Definitely depends on where the reception is, because you don't want guests to have to travel too far. I echo the comments above - have you considered doing your ceremony at your reception site? A friend recently got married at a park, and people sat at the tables for the reception. It was a great transition.
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