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I'm looking for a venue in the MKE area either for next summer or fall that will take care of the catering / beverages for me, has easy parking, offers some table settings/coverings, and is very easy to work with.  I want to work with one person ;) 

 I was considering a hotel, this way my guests could stay over night safely, but I also want something not sooo "hotelish" feeling if possible. My style is romantic, historic, minimalistic. We will probably have no more than 200 guests. I was thinking one of the Milwaukee mansions... Does anyone know the names, prices?  I would still consider a hotel though (I think they would have a better chance of offering table coverings, catering, etc????).
I'm panicking... my boyfriend wants to get married this coming summer (he hasn't asked YET-- i think the ring is taking much longer to come in than he expected) ...but I'm panicking because I feel like everything will be / is already booked.  Am I just being overly nervous?  Do I still have time if we're considering late summer or fall?

Re: full service historic MKE venue

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    I don't have info on what's provided but you might want to try Villa Filomena http://www.villafilomena.com/ or the Wisconsin Club  http://www.wisconsinclub.com/Home-1.html. 1451 Renaisance Place http://www.renaissanceplace.com/ might be an option too.
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    We are getting married at Villa Filomea.  My FI is still working on updating the website with photos and stuff, but you can at least take a look at what's up.  It's a gorgeous venue, however they've already got over 25 events for next year, so I'm not sure what dates are really left at this point, but I really encourage you to look at it.  I love the venue and Tina, the coordinator, rocks.  Villa Filomena provides bar service, but you have to bring in your own caterer.  They have a list of suggested caterers.  We are blocking rooms out at the Comfort Inn and Suite which is literally less than a block away and so we don't have to worry about parking for most of our guests.  If our guests choose to stay elsewhere, they are responsible for their own transportation and finding parking.

    We looked at Renaissance Place.  They provide the bar.  There is a $7500 minimum for space rental and bar service.  Parking is available (lots of private parking - like over 100 cars I THINK) at no extra cost.  The space is huge.  It was too big for us...and we're looking at about 150-200 guests.  You would have to bring in your own caterer.

    If you're okay with hotels, my hotel pick is The Pfister.  Hands down.  It's historic, romantic, and beautiful.  We didn't look there, simply because I already knew it wasn't in our price range so I don't have any information on it.

    The Grain Exchange (Bartolotta) was beautiful and historic.  All food and bar is provided through the venue.  The minimums are quite high though.
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    When you have to bring your own caterer, do they serve the food too?  do they bring the table settings?
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    Yes, caterers provide wait staff for your event.  Most times packages come standard with white or ivory table cloths and dishes that the caterer has.  You can always upgrade your dishes/linens for additional cost too.
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    Milwaukee Public Museum
    The Iron Horse
    Schlitz Audobon would be the rustic part you're looking for
    Milwaukee Historical Society

    You can also look on Craigslist for people that rent out their mansions for events.  Several of the mansions in the Milwaukee area are not lived in so the owners will rent it out.
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