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RSVP impatience

This happening to any one else? I got 17 the first week and now it's been 5 days with nothing. I have this irrational fear no one is coming. I keep telling myself there are 2 1/2 more weeks to go until the return date I requested but..ggggrrrrr... 
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Re: RSVP impatience

  • I'm getting annoyed as well. Mine are due May 2 and I'm waiting on like half
  • I feel your pain. I get so sad when we don't get any in the mail. I only have 19 couples left to hear from though!
  • I"m also impatient.  The most we got back were when FI hand delivered the invites and people handed the rsvp right back to him.  Ours aren't due till 5/23, but I'm wondering if I should have made it sooner....
  • I'm sure they'll come flooding in right around the due date.  Hopefully you won't have to make too many calls after that.

    The waiting is a killer, though!  I feel your pain!

  • Don't worry, I'm 9 days away from my due date and I'm getting 2 or 3 a day now. It'll pick up. 
  • So far, 22 have said yes and 10 said no. My due date is June 1st. My wedding date is June 23rd. I am expecting about half to attend. (invited about 140)
  • Yes. I am so bad about it. 
    But, my RSVP date is May 26.

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  • Same thing happened to me.  Now it's at about 1 rsvp per day.  I have till May 19, so I'm hoping they all come in right before!
  • Ugh. I'm just ready to get ours out!! I undercalculated how much ribbon we'd need and had to order more and am still waiting on our stamps to get here...I can't wait to be anxious about getting the RSVPs in!
  • I'm very impatient. Ours are due back next week on May 2nd. And we are still missing a fair amount. I'm not looking forward to hunting people down.

    I know from now on when we recieve a wedding invite the RSVP will be in the mail the next day!
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  • Ours went out last Friday. I keep gettings texts saying you look so cute, we love your invites...but no one says if they are coming or not :(
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  • I only have received one back this week. It's so depressing. LOL. My response date isn't until May 22nd though so people have plenty of time.
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  • I've never posted here before but am a 6-9-12 bride as well.  Thought I might see if anyone else is having the same stress as me, and you are, I feel better already!  Our RSVPs are due May 9th and I still have 126 MIA!  They came in quickly in the beginning, then nothing, now they are slowly trickling in.  I have the same fears as you though PopPow that nobody is going to come to our wedding.  It's so hard for me not to start calling those who have not RSVP'd yet.  
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  • Ours went out just over a week ago, and every day we've been getting 5-6 back, I am getting nervous about everyone saying yes! lol it's so bad, but the only nos we've had are international and even some of those have come back yes, FI and I really don't want more than 250 TOPS but what can we do, our venue fits 340 so at least we will have the space and thankfully money is not an issue, we just didn't want more than 250, our parents guest lists just kept growing and when there footing the bill we didn't want to say no... lol oh well I am sure you will get a ton the week the RSVP due date it :)

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  • I have ~30% back, deadline is May 19th.

    I don't need final count until June 9th, but I want to get escort cards/table assignments done.
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  • I agree, this is so annoying! I hate waiting, we got about 30 cards within the 1st week and now we are only getting about 1 or 2 a day, very frustrating.
  • I didn't panic until I found out several of my bridal shower invitations were lost in the mail or delayed...even though my MOH sent them all at the same time from the same place.  This let my mind wander into worries like, did my invitations get lost?  are the rsvps lost?  eeek.

  • My invites went out on Tuesday and so far I only have 1 invite.  However, I've had a number of people call me confused about if they can have a date or not.  Also, people have until May 22nd so I'm not worried yet.
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