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HI everyone,

I am planningmy wedding for next year. We want to have it  in Bend, OR or outside of Bend, OR. I was looking at maybe contracting a wedding planner, but every stimate I have received ranges from $4,000-5,500 for full on service. I think is incredibly expensive. There is no way I am going to pay 5K for a wedding planner. Do you all have any ideas on a wedding planner that might not charge as much?

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  • If you find out let me know because I am in the same boat. Im getting married July 2013 and I want to get married in Eugene. 

  • I know of a few wedding planners that do not cost that much. 
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    [QUOTE]I know of a few wedding planners that do not cost that much. 
    Posted by mq2013[/QUOTE]

    Which ones are they? Do you have names or numbers in which to contact?
  • I assume since you're looking to plan a wedding in Bend you want someone based in central Oregon?
  • Another option you might do is to hire a partial coordinator - this is a level of coordination between a "day of" and a "full" coordinator.  She'll help with the planning process and will definitely be there day of, but is less involved overall and therefor less expensive.  I live in Portland but am getting married in Sacramento - my partial coordinatior is setting me back $2500.  Still a chunk of change but easier on the budget than 5K - and so worth it. 
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  • You might want to first start seeking out your venue becauase many of the venues have lists of prefered vendors.  Also, some of the venues offer so much assistance and "day of" planners that you might not need a full-service planner.  

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