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Rhode Island

Save the Dates are ordered!

I'm so excited and had to tell someone so you ladies won the lottery :-)  We ordered our save the dates last night.  They are magnets (FI really wanted magnets) and we used my favorite picture from our e-pics. Yay!

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Re: Save the Dates are ordered!

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    very cute! you are 2 days after me and we just sent ours out yesterday. now waiting for everyone to get them!
  • i2012doi2012do member
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    Congrats!! I pick mine up from the printers on Saturday :)
    YAY! for save the dates.

    Those came out so cute.
    My wedding is in August and I was thinking of waiting until January to send em. When are you sending yours?
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    I ordered Christmas cards too so I'll probably wait until January to send out the STDs.  Most of the people who are coming from out of town are already aware of the date, it's more of a formality.  FI and I like to send out Christmas cards with pictures of us and our pets every year so the STDs will wait, don't want to bombard people with too many cards all at once. :-)
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  • courtchace7courtchace7 member
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    We're sending ours out in January too, I think. We also send out Christmas cards so I figure it would be best to send them after all the holiday mail so they dont get mixed up or thrown out with the christmas cards!

    I've had our std's for a month now and theyve just been sitting there, Im dying to get them out!!

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    I am getting married in July and I already sent mine out like a month ago. I wanted to be safe since  a lot of people go on vacation in July.
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  • RoyalOrientRoyalOrient member
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    Congrats! I love photo magnet save the dates! Definitely smart idea to send them out after the holidays
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