Oahu Costco Florist

Does Costco on Oahu (any of them) have an actual florist who puts together flowers? I am looking for inexpensive flowers, but I am really not talented enough to put together my own stuff. Anyone know what they do as far as flowers are concerned?
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Re: Oahu Costco Florist

  • We looked into costco but it didn't have what we were looking for. We are using whole foods florist and the two contacts are frenchie and bill. They are helpful and budget friendly. Hope this helps.
  • I too am trying to find reasonable flower arrangements and also for my BMaids.  If at the very least I can save on the centerpieces, that would be great!
    My wedding is getting soo expensive!
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  • Thanks for the idea. I called Whole Foods, not sure if it's going to work for me, but maybe! Thank you!
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