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When WW adviSe is needed in real life

Last night I got a text from the groom of the wedding we attended earlier this month.  He's one of DH's BFFs and his wife and I are pretty close as well.

He asked me how long after the wedding were we still receiving gifts.  The reason he wanted to know was because some very close friends (from that verbiage, DH and I know it's one of 3 couples) didn't give them any gift and they didn't know if they should call them out.  He did let me know that it wasn't us, that they received ours.  :)

Now, this really shocked me.  Never in a million years would I have thought these two would be butthurt over a gift and actually contemplating saying something about it.  They have never been those people.  Ever.

I let them know when we stopped receiving gifts but reminded them that saying something about it could be pretty damaging to their relationship and they need to think about what's more important here. I even pulled out the ol' "you don't know anyone's finances" line and I was thinking of throwing in the "they did pay for travel+attire+lodging" but I didn't.

He seemed to get my point and I think they're going to let it go. Hopefully they have come to their senses.

Re: When WW adviSe is needed in real life

  • Good for you Taw, talking some sense into them.  No gift is worth ruining your friendship for.

  • Dang, that's ballsy of them.
  • I miss when people threw parties just to have fun.
  • In Response to <a href=" Topic Wedding BoardsForum:47Discussion:f949f0d5-27b1-4aa4-8ed9-9e24b3c0548bPost:c4b1ffa9-9443-42e5-a133-2d16c104d879">Re: When WW adviSe is needed in real life</a>:
    [QUOTE]I miss when people threw parties just to have fun.
    Posted by VarunaTT[/QUOTE]

    That's what's so shocking to me.  They are those people who just want to have fun.  I can't believe this would bother them.

  • Maybe he just needed to vent - and maybe they did something else to tick them off and so this just rubbed them the wrong way.  He must look at you guys as good enough friends that he could bounce this off of, you know?
  • the only 'excuse' I can think of is "we can't imagine they didnt' bring one, we wonder if someone stole it off our porch".

    But yay for good adviSe
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