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Cottage on the Creek Reviews or Ratings?

Hi Everyone-

I was just curious if any of you have been to any Cottage on the Creek weddings (ceremony and reception) on Shem Creek, or if any of you had chosen this as your reception/ceremony venue for your Charleston Wedding.

I was curious what everyone's thoughts was of the place and if you had any issues with any bugs since it's so close to the water, or any pluses or minuses (ceremony, noise ordinances, etc.) Also, any thoughts around if you got a good value for the wedding? I know you're required to use their alcohol services, but it seems like if you just do hor'durve stations since it's more of an informal type setting that you could probably save a lot on the catering since it isn't sit down.

Thanks if anyone has any advice to offer or any pictures to share. We are looking for not your "typical" Charleston style wedding that is at a Southern Plantation or house and we thought that from pictures the property gave off the vibe of more of a social setting/party, which is what we were going for. I just wanted it to be a fun setting not like most weddings. :)


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Re: Cottage on the Creek Reviews or Ratings?

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    We are having our wedding at Cottage on the Creek on September 24th.

    We are not using their catering or bar services - we're using Cafe Catering for food and bar.   They don't require for you to use their catering division - take at look at the downloadable contract on their website. They do want copies of the vendors' insurance to cover any liability issues. Have you spoken to Emily at Shem Creek Events?

    What we really like about Cottage is the view, a private parking lot and that 100 chairs, plus 6 60" round and 8 48" round tables are included in the venue price - believe me, the rentals can add up awful quick.

    The only negative we had to overcome going into it was the terribly ugly Thriller boat being docked across the creek at Vickerey's.  We wanted to have the ceremony with the creek behind us - we soon realized that the ugly boat would be in the backround of all the photos.  So we are having the ceremony perpendicular to the creek, with us being married in front on the pergola.

    Hope this helps you!
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    I have also looked at this venue and thought it was very unique.... I love it but we have decided on a more formal wedding. If more people that are contributing to the wedding were OK with a casual beach-esque wedding, I would totally be at the cottage. I love the lighthouse venue that is in the same property group I believe. Good luck to you! 
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    I live in Charleston and have attended two weddings there; one was years ago and one was this past Memorial Day.  Our wedding is at the sister property Lighthouse on the Creek. 

    I think it is a great facility.  The area is broken up so everyone is not in one big room; there are several porches and even a gazebo.  Boats will be constantly passing by until it gets dark and they may honk at you, but it also gives some good background scenery.  Be careful about the time of year.  This Memorial Day we were all dripping with sweat, the air was on but with all the windows and sunlight it was ridiculously hot.

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    We will be doing a wedding there 9-30-11. It is a very nice place to get married!
  • The facility was absoutely beautiful. The cottage had a balcony upstairs that overlooked the beautiful creek. The inside of the cottage was a bit tight with room but most everyone stayed outdoors w/ the DJ and danced. This wedding was held around 4pm leading way to the cooler night for party dancing. (Sept. 30th). It was so much fun. The bride and groom were O.K. with seeing each other before the wedding so all photos were done prior to the ceremony. Once the sun set, we were able to sneak them away for a couple of minutes for some incredible sunset shots.

    We do Unlimited time, 2 photogs, just $1395!
  • Cottage on the Creek is a unique and beautiful wedding location. We have done many weddings there that were fabulous. We highly recommend this place.
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