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Eeek! A zit & 19 days to go!

I never, ever get blemishes, but here it is, 19 days out...and there it is. Hints for rapid but safe removal?

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Re: Eeek! A zit & 19 days to go!

  • ootmother2ootmother2 member
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    Call your dermatologist first thing in the morning.

    My sister popped a huge cold sore three days before the wedding.  Dermatologis's should be worshiped!

    (hugs)  It will be okay.  Don't worry or that will just make it worse!

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    It is probably just stress and your pores and skin are in overdrive for oil production.

    I second contacting your derm or try some over the counter acne topical medicine.
  • mica178mica178 member
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    Don't touch it too much.  Believe it or not, it should clear up with normal skin care well before 19 days.  If you can't help touching it and/or you can't wait 19 days (I wouldn't blame you in either case, I'd probably be upset too), ditto the dermatology recommendation.
  • chelseamb11chelseamb11 member
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    No zits take more than 19 days to clear up, so just leave it alone and then take a bubble bath to get rid of some of that stress :)
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    Thank you! I will relax & let nature take its course...this is atypical for me so I don't have a dermatologist ;)...
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