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Rock the Dress today! Looooong

Or as some say "trash the dress", although we didn't trash it :)
As some may know from previous posts we were unable to get the outdoor photos we wanted the day of our wedding b/c a dress mishap...

Julie of Smart & Chic heard about this and emailed me after the wedding with an amazing opp! She offered a "Rock the Dress" photo shoot and provided us with a new (and frickin awesome) photographer, (Justin) Graddy Photography, she did my hair and makeup (including airbrush & eyelashes), rented the exact same tux from Savvi that Matt wore at the wedding, and got us a beautiful bouquet and bout (nearly identical to my original) from Just Bloomed. 

We started off at the S&C Beauty Loung in NE - fun! We then went to Justin's studio in Belle Plaine, very cool, and walked down Main Street to some great outdoor locations.  I think we got some great shots, it just felt so good!  It was a ton of fun and no pressure or worry about getting the dress dirty or gettin' to the church on time (haha), just an overall amazing experience that we would have not been able to afford.   He even took "dress shots", which my photog was unable to get.

Originally they were going to film it for an online program, but our schedules didn't coordinate.  I can expect to see a preview on fb soon of some of the shots, and then we'll get a CD of 20 pics I believe.

No one is making any money off of this, they are just doing this because they are great and professional vendors who want to make couples happy.  I am still blown away by what Julie and S&C did for us.  I can't recommend them enough.  I know they are SUPER busy right now, and can't always respond to emails within 24 hours, but you can trust that they will be there for you and provide superb service!

OK I am done blowing them up, but I will post some pics from Graddy as soon as I get them!!  SO excited!!

Can you believe that my photog and assistant didn't get ONE pic of the 250 favors my mom and I made!?  This drives me absolutely crazy! There are so many little details missing from our pics, which is unbelievable considering they were with us for nearly 12 hours??  I am really trying to move on, and will once we order and receive our album, but I can't help but kick myself for not going with Graddy or another more experienced photographer for our wedding - especially for the amount of money we paid. UGH, you live and you learn I guess.

OK now I am really done, if you made it this far thanks for listening :)

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