Wedding Update Wednesday

Tell me what's new with your wedding planning!  Or just with life in general.

We decided to move our ceremony time back 1/2hr so that our reception will end at 11 and we can use the Wyndham's shuttle to get guests back to Oakland.  It's fine with the venue and officiant (and I updated the DJ thing online)...just need to hear from the ceremony musicians and then we're all set there.

I think FI and I will be spending some time addressing STDs this weekend too.

Re: Wedding Update Wednesday

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    Wow WUW already? This week has flown! Well as I mentioned in an earlier week post.... I ordered my dress! yay!

    Now I'm obessing about Jewlery haha
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    Let's see - finished escort cards and programs! pretty sure we have our final headcount! Sent our DJ our lis of must plays/do not plays, requests, etc.

    To Dos:
    -Choose parent gifts (AHH! no idea on this one!)
    -Order DF's cuff links - yea i think im just going to get him initialed ones from Things remembered
    -Notify LeMont of final head count
    -RD decorations. I decided on just potted plants for center pieces. There is an amazing greenhouse right by our house so I'm going to get a bunch of different yellow potted plants, and make them look pretty with black ribbon or something
    -buy votives for centerpieces
    -get E-Ring cleaned!

    Thats pretty much it!

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    nice, db! You got tons done.  And I like the potted plant idea a lot.
    As for parent gifts... i got nothing.  etsy?
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    I finally have the starts of our ceremony location being booked.  We have to sign up for the marriage classes and I need to get baptized to get married in his catholic church.  I plan to start this weekend on designing my STD and invitations. 

    Starting to feel like the to-do list mountian is growing.  Tongue out
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    Well we had our e-pics taken on Sunday, so now I have to do is wait for the results! Yeay! Then I'll order the STDs (probably just from something online) and get started on addressing them.

    We have the DJ booked, and now I finally found a florist! Thanks to all the girls who suggested Carrie Ann Powell. She was super nice and actually came UNDER my budget. Which is huge. Plus I still get everything I want.

    I know that there are a million things I want to get started on but it may be a while before I can. I told the girls to order their dresses so they should be doing that in the next month, and this weekend I am going back to Louisville so while I am there I am going to an awesome scrapbooking store to look for ideas to make my invitations and programs. Not sure how it's going to work but that's what I'm aiming for, Also I am going to get started on making a giant scrapbook for my fiance and I and so I'll get the supplies I need while I'm there. That will be my wedding gift to him :-)
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    @ db-- are they already getting parent albums? What about nice engraved frames( from things remembered maybe?)  that you can later put in a nice  prof. pic of the wedding?
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    In the past couple weeks we've booked our caterer and bartending service and chosen our cake baker! The only major vendors we have left to scope out are florist and table/chair rentals. Woohoo!
    Married! :) 5/19/12 The Domesticals

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    Nikki  - we are going to give them parents albums.. but not til after the wedding so im thinking it will be like a christmas present.. and i'd like to be able to hand them something on the rehearsal dinner night..

    i think for my parents i'm going to get them tickets to a penn state football game. My family loves penn state football and i may try to find a hotel for them to stay at the night before... but as for DFs parents.. every suggestion ive had DF has shot down soooo.... we may end up doing the picture frame thing.

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    Hi All! So my updates are....
    Changed my screen name - When I first got on here I didn't even know there was such a thing as a message board!
    Guest List - I decided to combine md and db's Excel sheet into a Google Doc. It is working great. I have everyone entered and am working on addresses.

    sar - Can't wait to see the e-pics, make sure you post a link!

    db- Wow - I'm gone for like a day and your wedding is pretty much tomorrow! So exciting!!!

    niki - Did you find any jewelry you like on Etsy?
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