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help! affordable photographer needed!

my soontobe husband I are eloping in South Lake Tahoe this December are tight on funds just moved, bought our first house, getting hitched, etc. I'm having a hard time finding an affordable photographer to capture the short sweet ceremony. any suggestions would be appreciated. thanks!

Re: help! affordable photographer needed!

  • You should post this on a local board, they're over on the left.
  • I would try Fotografie Atlanta. We just booked them! They will create a custom package to fit any budget. We needed to spend around $600.00 and non of the packages they offered were in that range, but they created a custom package for me!
  • Another option is to offer to cover the cost of the photogs travel and lodging. Many photogs (myself including) would love the opportunity to travel to shoot a wedding if the hard costs are covered. I am sure there are many photogs in and around the region that would be up for that. I personally would be willing if you would cover the travel costs from ABQ. 

    working on my website - but search Erin Killion Photography on Facebook to see some of my recent photos. 

    or shoot me an email and we can chat!!! Good luck and if there is one thing that I would recommend you spend a little more is the photography...these pictures will be the reminder of this amazing and special day for the rest of your life! 

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